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A Day in Tuscarora Map

Saturday, 05/11/2022 - 18:00
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About A Day in Tuscarora Map

A Day in Tuscarora Map. John Johnson was a competent businessman with a nice management job at a large financial firm in the big city, but when his latest scheme becomes more successful than he had imagined he finds his life turned upside down when he is forced to relocate to his old fashioned home town. Will John’s big city life style impress his new peers, or will there be big problems in this small town?

Map Facts:

A Day in Tuscarora is an RPG style Minecraft Adventure map that, like Deja Vu, utilizes a, never before used adventure map game play mechanic in conjunction with a unique story line and setting to provide to player with an immersive, thought provoking, and highly entertaining experience. We really can’t estimate how long it will take to play through because it plays like a 1980’s/90’s point and click adventure game. As of now, we highly recommend single player.

There are officially 4 endings to this map. 3 of them are good endings, 1 of them is the bad ending.

A Day in Tuscarora Map Screenshots:


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Player Guide (with Walkthrough – PDF File)



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