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AgeCraft Medieval Mod

Tuesday, 21/06/2022 - 06:00
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Agecraft is a work in progress mod which will add a ton of new decorative blocks based back in the medieval ages the mod will also be adding new armors  weapons, mobs, and possibly siege weapons



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Used for lighting! It lights more than a torch, and uses two spaces, like the door does. Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Iron = 2 4 5 6, Torch = 7 8 9


Like a glass bottle, but for the royal family, or anyone with three gold bars! You can put it on a table as well! The placed texture is like a block, with a texture for side, top and bottom, but smaller! Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Gold Ingot = 4 2 6

Chalice With Wine

It is a Chalice, but with Wine! Can be placed as well, but it has a reddish purple liquid inside! It must be somewhat red, because since we don’t have grapes in Minecraft, we will have to use Apples to make wine, it is the closest to grapes inside the game, and it would be pretty! Ah, you can also drink it, it regenerates two Hunger Points, that is a full Meat-Symbol, and it gives you two Health Points, a Full Heart! Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Chalice = A, Apple = A

Bottle With Wine

Same as above, can be placed and drank, but does not regenerates Health Points. Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Empty Bottle = A, Apple = A


Plates for putting food on! A great decorative! When you right click it with an item, it will appear on the plate, as if it was a Item Frame, but placed on the top of a block! Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Iron Ingot = 2 3, Generates 2 by recipe!


Stools are great for making taverns and such! You can sit on them, and they are pretty! Their three legs use the same texture, and they must for a triangle, if you know what i mean. Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Stick = 2 3, Wooden Slab (Any, but different colors of Wooden Slabs make different color results!) = 5 6


You must mark the color of your Kingdom with something! Banners are perfect for that! They can be placed on the walls and ground, but in the ground they have a Stick for support! Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Stick = 2, Wool = 5 8, Depending on the color of wool you use, the color result is different! Can be recolored!


Who said decorations are just for houses? We deserve them too! It gives no protection, but has infinite durability as well, plain decorative, you wear it on the Chestplate Slot! Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Leather = 2 3 5 6 8 9

Painted Capes

Capes with colors, what else? Here’s a crafting idea for it:
Cape = A, Any Dye = A, Depending on the color of dye you use, the color result is different! Can be recolored!

Armored Capes

If you want a cape, but want armor as well, this is for you! Any Chestplate can have a cape attached to it! Glorious isn’t? However, the durability of the Chestplate you use is not restored! Any Enchantment is kept as well, it can be Enchanted and Repaired too!
Any Chestplate = 3, Any Cape = 2


Kings and Queens! Time to Rule! Put the Crown and show who rules around here! Uses the Head slot, no Durability and same defense as Golden Helmet
Gold Helmet = 2, Any Dye = 5, The Crown will have a Colored Gem in the middle, the Gem color changes depending on the Dye you use!


The King and Queen ordered Thrones, we will make them! Wooden Thrones, with Golden outline and the best Red Wool in the middle! You can sit on it of course!
Gold Ingot = 7 4 1 3 6 9, Red Wool = 5, Gold Block = 2


For Wine storage and decoration purposes!
Wooden Planks (Any) = 7 4 1 2 3 6 9

Wine Barrel

A Barrel, but with wine inside! It empties a third (Just like a Cauldron) when right-clicked with a Bottle or Chalice, and then you get some Wine for you! Great for making storages! When mined, it will drop an item called Almost Empty Wine Barrel (When 1/3 of the Wine is inside), Almost Full Wine Barrel (When 2/3 of the Wine is inside) or Wine Barrel (When all the wine is inside)
Barrel = A, Apple = A (One apple = Almost Empty Wine Barrel, Two apples = Almost Full Wine Barrel, Three apples = Wine Barrel)

Extra Information, Closed Barrels

When you Right click a barrel with a Wooden Slab in hand, The Barrel turns in a Closed Barrel, it’s a Barrel, but closed, you can do the same with Wine Barrels, and they keep the same amount of wine inside when opened, to open them, just right click and it turns into it’s normal form, it will also drop the Slab you used on it, so you can close again!


Chairs! Simple recipe, and you can sit on them!
Wooden Plank (Different types can make different colors of Chairs!) = 2 3 5


You know what it is right? It’s a table, but when you place one close to the other, the legs can’t be close one to the other, so they will vanish, that’s because a table can have only four legs right? So you can make a table the size you want without having a monstruous amount of legs!
Stick = 1 3, Wooden Slab (Again, different wood, different result!) = 4 5 6


A small candle on an iron holder, works like a torch. Pretty!
Iron = 2, Torch = 5

Dim Candle

Same as above, but it has a vivid red flame instead of yellow, and emmanates less light, Like a Redstone torch does, it also gives out Redstone Signal, just like the torch, but it’s prettier!
Iron = 2, Redstone Torch = 5

Grave Stone

I saw this idea in a post, and i liked it, credit for Zimberzimber for the great idea! It is a 12 pixel high stone you can inscribe, just like a Sign!
Stone = 5 2, Cobblestone = 4 1 6 3


Chains made of Iron to decorate things! Maybe you would like to make some hanging isles?
iron = 8 5 2, You get 3 per recipe!

Hay Block

For decoration and storage! You can also make nice looking roofs with them!
Wheat = Every space in the Crafting Table, you can craft it back into 9 Wheat as well!

Dark Cobblestone

Cobblestone with a darker texture! Nice for making dungeons and such!
Cobblestone = 7 8 9 4 6 1 2 3, Ink Sac = 5, You get 8 by recipe!

Dark Stone

Stone with darker texture, if you can have Dark Cobblestone, why not Stone?
Stone = 7 8 9 4 6 1 2 3, Ink Sac = 5. You get 8! Also, If you prefer, you can smelt Dark Cobblestone as well

Light Stone Bricks

Decoratives! It’s the Stone Brick texture, but lighter!
Stone Brick = 7 8 9 4 6 1 2 3, Bone Meal = 5, You get 8!

Stairs and Slabs!

You got it! You can also make slabs and stairs out of Stone. Dark Stone, Dark Cobblestone and Light Stone Bricks! It is the same recipe as the usual slabs and stairs in Vanilla!

Extra Information, Bottles, Bowls, Mushroom Stew and Non-Splash Potions can be placed!

Yes! You heard it right my friend, By Shift-Right-Clicking somewhere with a Bottle, Bowl, Mushroom Stew or Non-Splash Potion will place it! Good for decoration!

Spike Piston

A piston that instead of pushing a Wooden Surface when recieves Redstone Signal, it pushes out spikes! Two hearts of damage per second for the unfortunate that was caught in the Piston, Armor decreases damage dealt by the Spikes, You can also make a Spike Floor by putting Active Spike Pistons facing up, and it still deals damage! Good for traps as it does not destroys drops, really useful!
Piston = 2, Iron Ingot = 5.

Stained Glass

Coloured Glass to make decorations! Now you can make a Church if you want to!

Glass = 7 8 9 4 6 1 2 3, Any Dye (Of course, different Dye, different result!) = 5. You get 8 per recipe!

Stained Glass Pane

Pretty obvious right? Coloured Glass Panes!

Stained Glass = 4 5 6 1 2 3, You get 16 per recipe


For putting your items inside as a Chest! It acts as a double chest, but occupies two spaces, like the Door and Candelabra, when right clicked, a GUI will open, the same that opens when you right click a double chest. It’s pretty!

Wooden Planks (Different wood, different result!) = 7 4 1 2 3 6 9, Chest = 5 8






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