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aPerf Mod

Friday, 24/06/2022 - 18:00
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A performance mod.


Commands and perm nodes:

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All commands are listed in console or ingame using /ap h

/aperf help [page] aperf.cmd.help.list
Lists all aPerf commands along with their arguments and description. This is the best source for command specific info in case this page gets outdated. aperf.show.cmd.perm pex node defines if the pex nodes should be shown in help or not.

/aperf module    aperf.cmd.module.list
Lists all worker modules with their status. Currently there are 3: ItemGrouper, SpawnLimiter, PacketLimiter. The active column indicates if the module is currently active/working. The enabled column indicates if the module will be enabled after a server restart, e.g. is it set to autoload.

/aperf module switch <name> <on> [enabled] aperf.cmd.module.switch
Turns modules on/off. If [enabled] is not set then the value of <on> will be also used for that. Enabled status controls if the module should be autoloaded on next server restart.

/aperf module reload <name> aperf.cmd.module.reload
Reloads a module cache and/or config. All the modules use the same config file, but only the one specified here will be loaded with the changed data.

/aperf – shortcut for /aperf status
/aperf status     aperf.cmd.status
Displays a list of dimensions in the server and some extra data for them like number of players, entities, forge-forced chunks and load/tick rate compared to the default 20tps. Up to 999% incase there’s that much free cpu time in the world tick.

/aperf status forcedchunks aperf.cmd.status.forced
Lists all the tickets in forge chunkload list. Features specific chunk coordinates and the NBT meta data (like quarrys own position). If your having trouble with stuff that gets auto loaded on server startup, this is the command for you to look thru all the chunks that get automatically loaded.

/aperf entity – shortcut for /aperf entity list
/aperf entity list [group] [filter] [limit] aperf.cmd.entity.list
Lists entity counts in the server by grouping them, filtering and displaying a top portion of it.

example: /ap e l g

example: /ap e l w d:0,g:Item

example: /ap e l n d:0 10-20
example: /ap e l c g:item 30

Limits the per-world entity list by starting from the count specified as the first number and stop after the second number of entity groups have been listed. If only one number is specified then it will start the first and stops after the specified number of entity groups have been listed.

/aperf entity listhere [group] [filter] [limit]      aperf.cmd.entity.listhere
Same as listnearhere command with radius 0.

/aperf entity listnearhere <radius> [group] [filter] [limit] aperf.cmd.entity.listnearhere
Runs the list command by setting the filter to your current dimension and a chunk limit to <radius> chunks around your chunk (d:<dim>;w:<x-radius>.<y-radius>/<x+radius>.<y+radius>)
Command is only usable by a player and not from console.

/aperf entity remove <filter> [range]    aperf.cmd.entity.remove
Removes entities by similar filters as described in entity list.
The range option is only usable when the command is run by a player and not from console. It filters entities by how many blocks around (spherical) the player they have to be. Used mostly to remove overflowed items (using /ap e r g:item 40).


/aperf entity group    aperf.cmd.entity.group.status
Shows the Item grouping ruleset. This refers to the item entities on the ground and not the ones in a chest/bag/inventory.

/aperf entity group set <property> <value> aperf.cmd.entity.group.set
Use the purple numbers in brackets from entity group status command as the <property>. Values are either from the float int or boolean (yes, 1, on = true, others = false) type.

/aperf entity spawn aperf.cmd.entity.spawn.list
Shows the current spawn rules.

/aperf entity spawn add <range> <ext> <dim> <type> <filter> <limit> [active] aperf.cmd.entity.spawn.add
Adds a new spawning rule, refer to entity spawn to see the possible options

/aperf entity spawn remove <index>    aperf.cmd.entity.spawn.remove
Removes a spawn limit, get the index from the first column in spawn tule list

/aperf entity spawn toggle <index>       aperf.cmd.entity.spawn.toggle
Toggles a rule between active and inactive

Tile entities
All these commands are the same as in /ap entity list with the exception of Type grouping which takes here the tile entity package name.

/aperf tile – shortcut for /aperf tile list
/aperf tile list [group] [filter] [limit]   aperf.cmd.tile.list
/aperf tile listhere [group] [filter] [limit]      aperf.cmd.tile.listhere
/aperf tile listnearhere <radius> [group] [filter] [limit] aperf.cmd.tile.listnearhere

/aperf packet    aperf.cmd.packet.commands
/aperf packet stat    aperf.cmd.packet.stat.self
/aperf packet stat <name>   aperf.cmd.packet.stat.other

/aperf packet limit       aperf.cmd.packet.limit.list
/aperf packet limit add <channel> <id> <x> aperf.cmd.packet.limit.add
/aperf packet limit dup       aperf.cmd.packet.limit.dup
/aperf packet limit on aperf.cmd.packet.limit.on
/aperf packet limit off    aperf.cmd.packet.limit.off
/aperf packet limit clear    aperf.cmd.packet.limit.clear
/aperf packet limit help     aperf.cmd.packet.limit.help

Dependencies: PermissionsEx




For 1.5.2/1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7


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