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Bow Overhaul Mod 1.7.10

Monday, 21/11/2022 - 15:00
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Bow Overhaul Mod 1.7.10 aims to make using bows more exciting and skillful by providing a bonus for better accuracy and disadvantages to using bows in close-range and while wearing heavy armor. In addition, a quiver is added to make inventory management a bit easier and adds new bows and arrows more in-line with the vanilla tools and weapons.Also, pretty much everything can be disabled, you could completely strip it down just to let you modify arrow damage or speed or just add headshots. Have fun.

Bow Overhaul Mod Core Mechanics:

Bow Overhaul Mod Additions:

Bows – Adds five new bows corresponding to the five standard tool materials. These bows, which replace the vanilla bow by default, are a bit more expensive to craft (same as a sword of the same material + 3 string), and offer these changes:

Quivers – Adds a quiver item that has three inventory slots dedicated to items that can be used as ammo. Ammo in quivers will be shot before ammo loose in your inventory, with the quiver equipped in your chestplate slot being used first. Quivers may also be crafted on to some chestplates (generally only light armor), so you don’t have to sacrifice armor.

By default, G opens your highest priority quiver’s inventory (a quiver can also be opened by right-clicking with it), while R swaps the active slot in your current quiver, which is rendered on the left side of your screen by default.

Quivers attempt to absorb picked up ammo to replenish spent ammo. This functionality does not work on vanilla arrows, however.

Arrows – Adds six new arrows corresponding to the five standard tool materials, plus a flint arrow that replaces the vanilla arrow by default. The recipes for these arrows are essentially the same as the vanilla arrow’s recipe, but only yields two arrows for each crafting. The new arrows:

Studded leather armor – Adds an additional armor set considered “light” armor, so that it does not incur a draw speed penalty when worn. Defensively, it is the same as iron armor (a heavy armor), but it is more durable and enchantable. In addition, a quiver can be crafted on to a studded leather chestplate.

This armor is crafted with studded leather, which is made out of leather and chainmail (leather and iron ingot, if chainmail is disabled).

Stackable snowballs/splash potions – Adds snowballs and splash potions which can be crafted to achieve a higher stack size (64 for snowballs and 16 for splash potions). When crafted this way, they are only usable by bows and dispensers.

Snowballs can be crafted into their ammo version freely, but splash potions require one string for each potion.


Just about any entity can have “arrow stats”. However, they are only automatically generated for entities which extend EntityArrow. Feel free to add your own files here, such as for fireballs, snowballs, splash potions, etc. (Just be sure to get the entity’s savegame id correct in the new files!)

Same as for arrow stats, any item can have bow stats – these apply arrow stats to any entities spawned that consider you their shooter when the “bow” is equipped, and apply modifiers to certain bow events while the item is held.

In addition to modifying headshot and bodyshot damage modifiers and ramp-up range, a speed multiplier, variance (inaccuracy), and arrow nbt data (see Mob/Block Properties nbt functions, it is identical apart from the if_X functions available) can also be applied for each arrow and bow type.

Draw speed and maximum draw power can also be configured for each bow type.

Bow stats can also be overridden on a specific bow through NBT data. If the string tag “BowOverhaulStats” is in an item stack’s tag, that string will be loaded as its Json bow stats file and override the file in your config (if any).

The arrows added in this mod have some extra NBT tags, allowing you further control using the nbt function array in arrow/bow stats files.

Bow Overhaul Mod Screenshot:

/boreload will reload all of your Json settings in config/BowOverhaul

Mod Showcases:

How to install Bow Overhaul Mod 1.7.10

Download Links for Bow Overhaul Mod 1.7.10

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