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Buildcraft Additions Mod 1.7.10

Sunday, 02/10/2022 - 21:00
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Buildcraft Additions Mod 1.7.10 is an addon to Buildcraft.

Buildcraft Additions Mod adds:

Fluidic Compressor

The Fluidic Compressor is a machine that can compress liquids intro canisters, see canisters below, it requires power to compress the liquid.
You can also drain the liquids out of the canisters using this machine by hitting the drain button in the interface, that doesn’t cost you any power

(that’s a golden capsule in the middle)


Cannisters is where the fluids get stored using the fluidic compressor. Cannisters can stack up to 4 but the contents of the canisters have to be exactly the same to be able to stack (up to the mB)

There are 3 types of canisters: iron, gold and diamondIron canisters are pretty cheap but can only store 1000mB (that’s 1 bucket of liquid)

The golden canisters can store up to 4000mB (that’s 4 buckets worth of liquid)

and finaly there is the diamond canister that can stores 16000mB (i think you can all do the math for this one now)


The powerplant is a new building added to the village generation (no don’t panic, this won’t break wordgen on old worlds)The powerplant is the home of the engineer


The engineer is a new type of villager that lives in the Powerplant. His current possible trades are:

Kinetic Tools

Kinetic tools are tools that run on energy stored in Power capsules

When you craft the tools (for recepies see below) the tooltip tells you they don’t have any MJ storred and that the capacity is 0. This is because you have to insert (charged) Kinetic capsules to store the energy. To do that shift-right click with the tool in your hand to open the inventory of the tools and put your kinetic capsules in or outTo craft the tools you need a tool core and a iron stick

tool core

iron stick

Combine those items with 3 diamonds in the assembly table to get your first tool

You now have your first tool but it won’t do anything (yet).When you make a kinetic tool it can accept one upgrade (also displayed in the tooltip) now to make it actually work like a tool you’ll need an upgrade. There are 4 upgrades:

Recepie for the tool upgrades

To install an upgrade you combine the tool and the upgrade in the integration table like that:

The upgrades that are already installed and the batteries that might be in the tool are not lost.

If you want an additional upgrade you’ll need to upgrade your tool with a golden stick and a quartz chipset

If you want a third upgrade you’ll need a diamond stick and a golden chipset

And finaly for the forth and final upgrade you’ll need to get a emerald stick from the engineer and a golden chipset

The when you use the tiller it tilts in a 3×3 area

Kinetic Capsules

Kinetic capsules are capsules that can store energy but they can only charge them but not discharge them, this is intentional

Kinetic capsules are used to power the Kinetic tools. There are 3 tiers each tier can hold different amounts of energy

Charging station

The charging station is where you charge your Kinetic Capsules


How to install Buildcraft Additions Mod 1.7.10

Download Links for Buildcraft Additions Mod 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.7.2



For Minecraft 1.7.10



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