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Chat Damage Indicators Mod

Thursday, 30/06/2022 - 18:00
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This mod was originally created as a debug tool. This mod will show damage indicators in the chat. By default you will only receive information if you are the one who attacked the mob however there is an option in the config that can switch it to show damage from all sources.

How to install:


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In this mod there are several options that you can mess with in the config file. The config file is found at .minecraft/config/ChatDamageIndicator.cfg and can be edited with any text editor.

Damage Dealt color is meant for the color that shoes the damage that was dealt. This is currently not in use and will not change anything.

Mob Current Health Color is the color for the mobs current health. By default it is orange.
Mob Max Health Color is the color for the mobs maximum health. By default it is green.
Mob Name Color is the color of the mob being damaged. By default it is purple.

Show Only Damage Dealt By Player toggles the type of notification received. When set to true you will only get notified for damage dealt to a mob if a player caused it. When set to false all damage will be shared including damage dealt by fire, drowning or suffocation. This option tends to get spammy and should only be used if you would prefer it to show all damage. By default this is set to true.

It is important to remember that the colors for the text are assigned through a basic color code system. To find the color codes you can get them from this site: http://www.robvanderwoude.com/ntcolor.php

For Minecraft 1.6.2


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