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Cooking Plus Mod

Friday, 05/08/2022 - 09:00
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Cooking plus is a mod primarily focusing on giving the player a wider variety of food stuffs, and some additional cooking appliances for processing these new foods to make them more beneficial to the player. There is also an additional buff and other bits and pieces to make the Minecraft cooking and farming experience more realistic.



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Cotton Seed: Used to plant a cotton plant.

Chilli Seed: Used to plant a chilli plant.

Onion Seed: Used to plant a onion plant.

Beetroot Seed: Used to plant a beetroot plant.

Grape Seed: Used to plant a grape plant.

Hop Seed: Used to plant a hop plant.














Raw Prawn

Cooked Prawn

Salted Prawn

Salted Beef

Salted Mutton

Salted Fish

Salted Chicken

Salted Rabbit

Beetroot Soup

Apple Juice

Lemon Juice

Lime Juice

Peach Juice

Orange Juice

Blueberry Juice

Gooseberry Juice

Strawberry Juice

Grape Juice




Herbal Tea Items:

Tea Seed
Tea Leaf
Sage Leaf
Buchu Leaf
Mint Leaf
Rosemary Leaf
Licorice Leaf
Chamomile Flower
Pottery Guide: Mug
Pottery Guide: Teapot

Mint Tea- removes poison

Chamomile Tea- removes blindness

Rosemary Tea- removes slowness

Sage Tea – removes wither

Licorice Tea- remove mining fatigue

Buchu Tea- removes nausea

Sweet Tooth Items:

Vanilla Seed
Vanilla Pod
Vanilla Essence
Vanilla Butter Cream
Unfired Cupcake Tray Mold
Unfired Large Cupcake Tray Mold
Cupcake Tray Mold
Large Cupcake Tray Mold
Cupcake Tray
Large Cupcake Tray
Sponge Cupcake Mix
Chocolate Cupcake Mix
Red Velvet Cupcake Mix
Large Sponge Cupcake Mix
Plain Sponge Cupcake

Plain Chocolate Cupcake

Plain Red Velvet Cupcake
Vanilla Sponge Cupcake

Vanilla Chocolate Cupcake

Vanilla Red Velvet Cupcake
Cream Bucket
Iron Sheet
Cocoa Powder
Sugar Pancake
Chocolate Pancake
Cream Pancake
Lemon Pancake
Pancake Mix
Moon Cookie Cutter
Circle Cookie Cutter
Heart Cookie Cutter
Star Cookie Cutter
Uncooked Moon Cookie

Uncooked Circle Cookie

Uncooked Heart Cookie

Uncooked Star Cookie
Moon Cookie
Circle Cookie
Heart Cookie
Star Cookie
Pottery Guide: Plate
Pottery Guide: Frying Pan
Pottery Guide: Large Cupcake Tray
Pottery Guide: Cupcake Tray

Undersea and Cheese:

Shelled Crab
Shelled Lobster
Shelled Oyster
Raw Squid
Raw Crab
Raw Lobster
Raw Oyster
Cooked Crab
Cooked Oyster
Cooked Lobster
Cooked Squid
Salted Squid
Salted Crab
Salted Lobster
Salted Oyster
Bread Crumbs
Uncooked Crab Cakes
Cooked Crab Cakes
Blue Cheese Wedge
Cheddar Cheese Wedge
Cream Cheese Wedge
Halloumi Cheese Wedge
Dried Seaweed
Soaked Book
Pineapple Seeds
Beef Jerky
Rabbit Jerky
Sheep Jerky
Pork Jerky


Pottery Guide: Bread Tin Mold
Pottery Guide: Cake Tin Mold
Unfired Cake Tin Mold
Unfired Bread Tin Mold
Bread Tin Mold
Cake Tin mold
Cake Tin
Bread Tin
Banana Bread Dough
Banana Bread
Banana Slices
Mango Juice
Kiwi Juice
Vanilla ice Cream Mix
Chocolate ice Cream Mix
Strawberry ice Cream Mix
Mint ice Cream Mix
Lemon ice Cream Mix
Boiled Vanilla ice Cream Mix
Boiled Chocolate ice Cream Mix
Boiled Strawberry ice Cream Mix
Boiled Mint ice Cream Mix
Boiled Lemon ice Cream Mix
Vanilla ice Cream
Chocolate ice Cream
Strawberry ice Cream
Mint ice Cream
Lemon ice Cream
Mint Essence
Questionable Jerky

Magic Vs Science:

Rice Seeds
Gold Wire
Wooden Scythe
Stone Scythe
Gold Scythe
Iron Scythe
Diamond Scythe
Redstone Processor
Iron Processor
Diamond Processor
Filled Needle
Dirty Needle
Silicon Sheet
Diamond Sheet
Redstone Sheet
Silicon Dust – found in hydrothermal veins
Silicon Processor Base
Processor Mold
Uncased Processor
Prickly Pear Seeds
Prickly Pear
Peeled Prickly Pear
Crystal Core
Water Orb
Prawn Sushi
Sushi Roll
California Sushi


Shelled Prawn

Fishing Net: Used for catching prawns.

Salt Pile


Metal Rack
Block of Butter

Chunk of Butter

Vegetable Oil
Cotton Bud
Pottery Guide

Unfired Juicer

Juicer: Used for making juices.

Bread Dough
Cake Batter
Cookie Batter

Pestle and Mortar


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Apple Sapling: Used to plant an apple tree.

Lemon Sapling: Used to plant a lemon tree.

Peach Sapling: Used to plant a peach tree.

Lime Sapling: Used to plant a lime tree.

Orange Sapling: Used to plant an orange tree.

Bamboo Sprout: Used to plant an bamboo stalk.


Bamboo Leaves

Apple Leaves

Peach Leaves

Lime Leaves

Orange Leaves
Lemon Leaves



Blueberry Bush: Grows blueberries.

Gooseberry Bush: Grows gooseberries.

Strawberry Bush: Grows strawberries.


Onion Crop: Grows onions.

Chilli Crop: Grows chillis.

Beetroot Crop: Grows beetroots.

Cotton Crop: Grows cotton buds.

Grape Crop: Grows grapes.

Hops Crop: Grows hops.
Herbal Tea Blocks:
Tea Crop: Grows Tea Leaves
Sage Plant: Grows Sage Leaves
Mint Plant: Grows Mint Leaves
Chamomile Plant: Grows Chamomile Flowers
Licorice Plant: Grows Licorice Leaves
Buchu Plant: Grows Buchu Leaves
Rosemary Plant: Grows Rosemary Leaves
Unfired Teapot: Used to make a Teapot
Teapot: Used to brew Tea
Heater: Used to heat up teapot and frying pan.

Sweet Tooth Blocks:

Unfired Frying Pan – used to make Frying Pan.
Unfired Plate – Used to make Plate.
Plate – Holds a single item of food.
Frying Pan – Used to fry certain foods.
Sheet Press – used to turn molds and iron sheets into other items.
Large Sponge Cupcake – a large edible cupcake.
Large Vanilla Sponge Cupcake – a large edible cupcake.
Vanilla Crop – used to grow vanilla pods.
Cherry Leaves- drops cherries and cherry saplings.
Cherry Sapling – Grows Cherry trees.

Undersea And Cheese Blocks:

Barrel – Used to store water and turn cream into cheese.
Drying rack – used to dry certain items.
Lobster Cage – used to attract lobsters and crabs
Coral Rock
Coral Rock Smooth
Coral Rock Brick
Coral Rock Mossy Brick
Carved Coral Rock
Pineapple Crop – Grows Pineapples
Seaweed Crop – Grows Seaweed
Kelp Crop – Grows Kelp

Tropical Update Blocks:

Palm Logs
Palm Planks
Smooth Basalt
Saucepan – used to boil items.
Ice Box – used to freeze items
Hydrothermal Veins – can drop a variety of goodies when mined including silicon dust

Magic Vs Science Blocks:

Growth Crystal – increased growth rate of surrounding crops.
Water Crystal – Provides a free water orb when right clicked.
Hydroponics Block – Grows Crops
Cloning Vat – clones animals
Happy Harvest Bot – Automatically harvests and replants from hydroponics block
Avocado Leaves – Drops avocado saplings and avocados.
Avocado Sapling – Grows Avocado tree.
Rice Crop – Grows Rice.
Prickly Crop – Grows Prickly Pears.

Special Blocks:

Brick Oven: Used to cook food.

Fermenter: Used to turn certain juices into alcohol.

Butter Churn: Used to turn milk into butter.

Oil Press: Used to turn seeds into vegetable oil.

Market Box: Used to display food items.


Butter Block

Salt Block


Bamboo Block


World Generation:

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Abandoned Farmhouse

Spawns randomly in orchard, bamboo, forest, plains and mountain biomes. These are half destroyed buildings which spawn with a chest inside with a handful of seeds and other helpful items.


Bushes spawn randomly in orchard, bamboo, forest, plains and mountain biomes. They can be any of the bushes present in the mod and spawn in clusters between 1 and 5 blocks.


Salt blocks spawn randomly like ores do underground.

Orchard Biome

A forest like biome filled with fruit trees and bushes.

Bamboo Grove Biome

A hilly biome filled with bamboo stalks.


Herbs spawn alone in orchard, bamboo, forest, plains and mountain biomes and will spread over time in daylight.

Underground Cornucopia

Underground Cornucopias spawn randomly in caves, with a glowstone roof, grass floor with a chest in the middle filled to the brim with various goodies, and surrounded by plants.

Coral Reef Biome

Large Underwater coral reefs that spawn a variety of corals and also underwater ship wrecks.

Kelp Forest Biome

Large underwater biome filled with kelp and also underwater ship wrecks.


These spawn underwater in Coral Reef and Kelp Forest Biomes where the sea is deep enough. they sometimes come with chests with goodies in.

Deep Reef

A deep underwater coral reef willed with giant corals and lava vents, some filled with lava, others with rich hydrothermal veins.

Tropical Hills Biome

A desert like biome sparsely populated with palm trees and the occasional banana and coconut tree. Tropical huts also spawn here occasional and are filled with similar loot to abandoned farm houses.

Magic vs Science:

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The new Magic Vs Science Update adds a variety of blocks and items to help make your farms faster and more efficient. The new Hydroponics Block will allow you to grow more crops in a smaller space. Only got one chicken? no problem, the new cloning vat will allow you to clone him many new friends. The Happy Harvest Bot does away with having to harvest your hydroponic blocks as he will happily harvest and replant the crops for you. The new Growth crystal will speed up the growth rate of any crops around itself and the new Water Crystal will provide an endless supply of Water orbs which can be used to place water anywhere you like. On top of this, the update adds two new crops, Rice and Prickly Pears, and adds avocado trees. There is also a new tool, the scythe, these will allow you to clear a 3×3 area of crops, grass or leaves quickly.

New Blocks:

New Avocado Tree:

New Items:

Food Science At Work:

New Rice Crops:

New Prickly Pear Crops With Growth Crystal:


– Mushroom biomes should no longer override ocean biomes.
– Adjusted spawning of water biomes.
– Increased chance of looting a Mysterious Orb.
– Decreased chance of salt blocks spawning.
– New Config Options
– Hydrothermal Veins now drop silicon dust as well.


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The new tropical update adds two new biomes, the tropical hills biome and the deep reef biome. There are also several new tree types such as palm, banana and kiwi and some delicious new ice creams to make with the new saucepan and ice box.

New Tropical Biome with hut:

New Items:

New Blocks:

More New Items:

New Deep Reef Biome:


– New Bread Dough Texture.
– New Cake Batter Texture.
– Coral Rock should no longer devour trees or carve into other biomes too much.
– Drying racks has had anger management and should no longer hurt the player.
– Minecraft steve has given up his bowl eating habits and now only eats the soup of beetroot soup.
– Herbs can now be used with the pestle and mortar to acquire their leaves.

Undersea and Cheese:

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This update bring two new biomes, three new crops including kelp, seaweed and pineapples, as well as cheeses which can be produced from cream in the new barrels. There are also new structures such as drying racks, and various others, as well as corals for new sources of dye.

New Items:

New Drying Rack:

New Corals:

New Seaweed Crop:

New Kelp Crop:

New Pineapple Crop:

New Corals and New Peach Texture:

New Lobster Cages:

New Blocks and Barrels:

New Kelp Forest Biome:

New Coral Reef Biome:

Ooooh Mysterious:


– New peach Texture.
– New Metal Rack Texture.
– New Chunk of Butter texture.
– New Fishing Net Texture
– Added a config file with a variety of options.
– Bamboo Blocks can now be used in recipes where planks are normally used
– Bamboo leaves now drop Bamboo sprouts

Sweet Tooth:

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The sweet tooth update adds a new crop, a new tree, pancakes, and various other sweet things. Additionally, there are four new pottery guides for things such as plates and cupcake molds, as well as the underground cornucopias, which spawn randomly and are filled with goodies normally found in farmhouses.

New Cookie, Vanilla and Pancake items:

New blocks and cooking appliances:

New Cupcake making items.

New Crop and Tree.

New Underground Cornucopias.


– Market Box has new recipe so it doesn’t clash with trapdoor.
– Various multiplayer lag fixes relating to tile entity updating.
– Lighting Issues with items in Market Boxes.

Herbal Tea:

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The herbal tea update adds a tea plant, and 6 herbs for the brewing of herbal teas to remove negative status effects. This includes the removal of the blindness, wither, and poison status effects. In addition, there are two new pottery guides, allowing for the production of the teapot and mug for storing and brewing tea respectively.

New Items:

New Herbs:

New Tea Crop:

New Brewing Appliances:

New Teapot GUI:

How to install:

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.8



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