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Craftus Machinilorum Mod 1.7.10

Friday, 16/09/2022 - 00:00
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Craftus Machinilorum Mod 1.7.10 is based on improving your vanilla Minecraft experience. It adds a lot of machines that can help you automate your Minecraft world. There also are some items that are pretty useful when you start a new world.

Craftus Machinilorum Mod Recipes:


Now let’s take a look into some modded machines, after every picture I will give a short instruction on how to use it. Once again everything you can turn on or off is in the config file.

Stone Cutter

This machine overrides some of the existing Minecraft mechanics. All your slabs and stairs cannot be made in a crafting table anymore, in order to make them you need a rock cutter. It’s similar to a crafting table but more organized.


This machine is used to grind materials, for example grind stone into cobblestone, bones into bonemeal and so on. There are a lot more recipes for this machine, but that is something you need to figure out by yourself. This is a multiblock structure, there needs to be a hopper on top. In order to activate the machine you need to apply a redstone signal to it.

Egg Incubator

The egg incubator is used to get a chicken out of an egg guaranteed. You can right click the machine with a egg in your hand to put a egg in, then you can wait a long time or speed it up. To speed it up you just give it more wheat. You can even right click the block with a empty hand to select the side where you want the chicken to spawn.

Wood Cutter

This machine is used to break wooden blocks and drop them on the ground. You can right click the block with a empty hand to select the side you want the machine to cut. In order to activate the machine you need to apply a redstone signal to it. Be careful it also does damage to any creature standing close to the sawblades.

Mob Radar

This machine can detect certain mobs in a certain area and their number, you right click on the block to open the user interface. You can set the radius where the radar will detect mobs, click on the next and previous buttons to cycle trough all the supported mobs. The output signal strenght is based on how many mobs there are in a area. You can also turn the signal from low to high if you so desire.

Conveyor Belt

The best way to transport your items around, you can rotate them by right clicking on the block with a empty hand. You can apply a redstone signal to it to disable the block. It also can transport players, animals and monsters around.


This machine sprinkles water over your crops. It looks better then using a water source block and also covers more ground. In order to turn it on apply a redstone signal.


This mod also adds some fun and useful tools, all of them can be found in dungeons or in villages. Let us take a look into them right now.


The filter is a great item if you hate to break gravel a thousand times to get a piece of flint. To us it, right click on some gravel and it will drop a piece of flint and turn the gravel into sand. You can also right click on some clay for a chance to get some gold nuggets, a drop is not guaranteed but it will always turn the clay into sand. The only clay this will work on is clay that has been created by Minecraft and has not been harvested and picked up by players.


You can throw a bomb at your enemies to deal some damage to them. The explosion radius is around a third from default tnt.

World generation?

In your default ocean biome you might find some chalk. You can use this to create chalk bricks in your stone cutter. In the future you might be able to find more then just chalk.

Chalk bricks

Mod Review:

Older Information (for Minecraft 1.5.2)

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The mod you need to get more out of the stuff you are mining underground. Currently this mod is in early beta wich means you can test it and play with it but it also means that there is a lot to come and a lot of stuff that has to be fixed.

Craftus Machinilorum Mod Recipes:


You have to make circuits in a “Solder Station”, down below is the crafting recipe for this machine.


Put in your ores and get back some fragmenteised metals.

Machine Frame

The basics of every machine!

Fragmenteiser Refinery

A way to smelt your fragmenteised metals into ingots

Solder Station

Used to craft circuits.


The only tool that can break your machines!

How to install Craftus Machinilorum Mod 1.7.10

Download links for Craftus Machinilorum Mod 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For 1.7.10, 1.7.2


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