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Crane Mod

Wednesday, 20/07/2022 - 15:00
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This mod adds a crane structure in multiblock that can help you to make big buildings efficiently.

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How to work:

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You create the 4 following parts :

You then build a multiblock structure like this :

That should transform into this :

You then right click the core to access the GUI

Inside the GUI, you can draw a pattern for your structure with blocs. Expand the size of the pattern with the “+ row”, “+ col” and “+ top” buttons

If you place (any) blocks in the slots on the left side of you inventory, it will duplicate the building by the number of blocks in the slots in the given direction (in 3D)

If you click copy below or above, you copy the layer of your pattern on the layer that is above or below it.
In your pattern, you can use the token to leave the plocks as they are in the world already (only works in “replace blocks” mode)

You can also use the air bloc in the pattern to specify that you want an air block placed

Once you are done, you can then click on start building to initiate the building.

You have to provide you crane with resources and fuel to make it work. Just put any inventory below the core of the crane, and put the required resources and some coal and charcoal (1 for 30 blocks to place).

If you are in creative mode, you can instead place the item in the inventory below the crane, it will be used as infinite fuel/resources. (This one obviously has no crafting recipe)

How to install:

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