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Crystalix Mod

Tuesday, 19/07/2022 - 00:00
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Crystalix is a mysterious material that has many unique properties. As more about it is discovered, the uses for it will grow.


Crystalix Ore:

The source of all the magical properties, this ore drops 1-5 crystalix powder bits.

Crystalix Block:

A block of Crystalix. Totally decorative.

Crystalix Mutator:

​Crystalix is able to mutate dyes between states using the sun as a fuel source, but so far it is uncontrolled. Research is being performed to see if it can be controlled.




Crystalix Ingot:

This ingot has some interesting abilities that are not fully known yet.

Currently Known: Combine it with a dye to change the dye to the next dye in the cycle.

Crystalix Powder:

The powder that forms when breaking Crystalix Ore. Mostly harmless. Stick it in the bottom slot of a mutator to speed it up.

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