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Cube Survival Map

Thursday, 20/10/2022 - 18:00
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Cube Survival – Cubes’

You want to start a new survival map and the default Minecraft is too boring for you?
Then this is perfect for you – Cube Survival Map. A small survival map where you have to
survive in a cube and achieve some challenges.
You can choose between 2 maps, Cubes’ or More Cubes

Map #1 – Cubes’

Rules & Goals – Cubes
Rules – Cubes’

Survival Goals – Cubes’

Map #2 – More Cubes

5 Survival Cubes (Normal -, Ocean -, Jungle -, Mushroom -, Nether Cube)

Rules & Goals – More Cubes
Rules – More Cubes

Survival Goals – More Cubes

Map #3 – PvP Cubes

Rules & Goals – PvP Cubes

Rules – PvP Cubes

Note: X is up to you.

Goals – PvP Cubes


Download link for Cube Survival Map:


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