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Dungeon Of Heroes Map

Saturday, 15/10/2022 - 15:00
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About Dungeon Of Heroes Map

Dungeon Of Heroes is an randomly generated dungeon crawler. For those unfamiliar with games like Torchlight and Diablo, this genre consists of lots of killing, lots of loot, and lots of fun.

The player is required to kill piles of mobs, find a lot of epic loot, and fight epic bosses.

All up, there should be a total playtime of around 2-3 hours. Remember, this is still a work in progress. Although there is still a lot of work ahead, the current release is fit to play as a stand-alone game. Everything a player would need is there and is fully functional.

The map has been made nearly entirely by myself. I put a damn lot of time into making it what it is so far, and I’m committed to push it as far as possible.

Dungeon Of Heroes Map Screenshots:

Game Setup

Class Selection

Custom Trading


Epic Rewards

Tons Of Redstone

Unique Boss Fights

PVP & Challenge Arenas



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