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DupleCraft Mod

Tuesday, 21/06/2022 - 00:00
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This mod adds a new ore called Duple Ore. It drops 1-2 Duple Dust. This purple dust can do mighty and powerful things! When combined with another item or block, they seem to take on the same exact characteristics and properties of the item or block they were combined with. In fact, they become whatever item or block they were combined with. Duple all your iron! Duple all your gold! Duple all your diamonds! DUPLE ALL THE STUFF!!! There are exceptions though… pretty much, only raw materials can be dupled.

The duple dust can also be crafted into the almighty DUPLE STICK! An item once used by the makers of the Strongholds, it can duple mobs! Craft it and hit a mob, and watcha know, a clone of the original! Duple all your chickens! Duple all your pigs! Duple all the creepers! Duple all your golems! DUPLE ALL THE MOBS!! (Players, of course, cannot be dupled; neither can EnderDragons.) Duple sticks only have 3 uses however, so use them wisely.

All about fusing:

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Fusing is possible through the crafting of a Fusing Table. You’ll probably only be able to craft a Novice Fusing Table to start with. You craft it like so…

It isn’t the best… it has a 50% chance of failing and consuming the items supplied! So, as soon as you can, upgrade it to a Journeyman Fusing Table, like so…

This has a considerably lower failing rate at 15%. If you aren’t satisfied with this, then make a Master Fusing Table, like sooo…

This baby has a 0% failing rate (but it sure is expensive to make…). All of these tables can use either Duple Dust (200 fuel level) or Duple Fuel (2000 fuel level).

Miscellaneous Fusing Recipes:

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Duple Ingot:

Duple Fuel:

Iridian Ingot:

Enderian Ingot:



Duple Stick:

Iridian Tools:

Enderian Tools:




For Minecraft 1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.7


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