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Dynamic Elevators Mod

Thursday, 23/06/2022 - 06:00
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Dynamic Elevators is a mod originally created by IronClad49er.

Dynamic Elevators adds an easy to build, redstone free option for your vertical travel needs. Simply place an elevator block and it will automatically detect all of the possible floors it can travel to. Add multiple elevator blocks next to each other to make bigger elevators. Right click the elevator to bring up a floor selection screen. Place elevator call buttons to bring elevators to your current floor.

Create ceilings by clicking on an elevator block or by placing an elevator block three blocks above a currently existing elevator block.

Elevator Blocks

Elevator blocks travel are capable of detecting all possible floors in the vertical space above and below them. When right clicked, they display all of these possible floors in a simple menu. When a floor is selected from the menu, that elevator block and all blocks connected will begin to move, smoothly lifting or lowering all entities (including the player) on the blocks to the chosen floor.Elevator Blocks also supply power when stationary and so are capable of automatically opening doors and triggering redstone circuits. As of version 1.4, this feature is optional for each elevator chunk and can be turned on and off in the elevator options panel of the elevator GUI.

Elevator Call Buttons

Elevator call buttons are used to bring an elevator on a different floor up or down to the floor the player is currently on. As of version 1.5, elevator buttons are the only type of non solid block that can be placed on the side of an elevator caller. When used on the side of an elevator caller, elevator call buttons activate the elevator caller instead of their usual behaviour.

Redstone Activated Elevator Callers

Elevator Callers behave similarly to elevator buttons, but they can call elevators to any altitude, rather than only locations with know floors. As their full name suggests, elevator callers are activated the same way note and dispenser blocks are: with a redstone signal.Like elevator buttons, elevator callers cannot call moving or emergency halted elevators.As of version 1.5, elevator callers can be stacked so that if the first caller is unable to find an elevator, it will have adjacent elevator callers also look for elevators and so on continuing in a chain until either an elevator is found or no caller finds an elevator. A chain can have up to 16 elevator callers in any desired pattern.




For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.4.7


SlimeVoid Lib


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