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EasyFPS Mod

Friday, 04/11/2022 - 12:00
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EasyFPS Mod is a simple way to show the player the current FPS without having to open the debug menu and deal with the lag-o-meter and the pie chart (which lags the game), other functions such as average FPS indicator and Ping meter for SMP are included, to make this mod superior over any other FPS mod.

For simple usage EasyFPS requires no type of configuration, however you can do the following:

The display can be disabled by pressing ‘F’ (by default, configurable in Controls menu). – By pressing ‘F’ while sneaking you will (un)trigger “color mode” where your FPS indicator is colored.

“Color Chart”:

If, you want to change the colors, they can be customized in the config file.

The Configuration file for this mod is located in /.minecraft/vazkii/cfg/easyfps.cfg, it will only be there after you installed the mod(and Forge + Vazcore) and ran the game at least once.



Installing Forge:

Installing VazCore:

Installing EasyFPS Mod:

Download Links for EasyFPS Mod:


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