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Elemental Orbs Mod

Friday, 01/07/2022 - 03:00
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Elemental Orbs Mod. It allows you to use element-related orbs to do many things to the area around you and much more!


Getting Started


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– Catches nearby mobs on fire.

– Strikes nearby entities with lightning.

– Explodes nearby entities.

– Freezes nearby water.

– “Freezes” nearby mobs.

– Must be right clicked on a mob.

– Teleports mob away.

– Evaporates nearby water.

– Kills all nearby plant life.

– Turns some nearby grass/dirt into dirt/sand.

– Grows nearby crops

– Turns nearby stone brick/cobblestone into their mossy versions

– Plants trees

– Plants grass

– Plants flowers

– Keeps you surrounded in water while right clicking

– Useful for escaping mobs, getting across ravines, scaling walls, or preventing fall damage

– Takes practice to use efficiently

-To use efficiently, hold right click and move just as if you were flying

– Turns ground materials into nether materials

– Spawns occasional lava

– Plants mushrooms and nether wart

– Spawns a few zombie pigmen

– Spawns random passive mobs on nearby grass

– Occasionally spawns a zombie

– Spawns a wolf (and a bugged one, it’s being worked on)

– Omega version spawns an iron golem (and a bugged one, it’s being worked on)

– Places torches/glowstone is dark areas around you

– Smelts blocks around you (ex. Clay to Brick)

– Catches blocks around you on fire

– Rename in anvil

– Right click to teleport you to the player which you renamed the orb to be

– Standard: 10 uses / Omega: 30 uses

– Changes ground materials to end stone

– Spawns Enderman

– Creates obsidian towers

Other Items

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Omega Upgrader:

– When right clicked with an orb, turns that orb into its omega version

– Gets destroyed when the above action is performed

Omega Ore:

– Rare ore that glows slightly

– Drops one omega stone when mined

Aluminum Ore:

– A semi-rare ore that is found in big pockets

– Can be smelted to make aluminum ingots


– A highly flammable substance that can be used a fuel

– Burns for more that twice as long as coal

– Used to craft the heat orb

Iron Oxide:

– Used to craft the Thermite

Aluminum Powder:

– Used to craft the Thermite


For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



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