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Ender Tools and More Mod

Friday, 24/06/2022 - 21:00
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This mod adds very powerful tools and armour made of ender Ingots. The mod adds a couple new items and blocks, it also adds a new ore called Demonite ore. It can’t be destroyed by tnt so it is good block to build with, Demonite ore can only be mined with an endstone pickaxe so you will have to make a trip to the end before you mine the Demonite ore.

Ender tools have 3000 durability and are way faster than diamond tools. Also Endstone tools have 1250 durability and have a speed of diamond, the reason why you will want this pickaxe over a diamond pickaxe is because the Endstone pickaxe is the only pickaxe that can mine Demonite ore. And there is a new boss mob called the Ender Mage he has 100 hearts of health and he deals 5 hearts of damage every hit and he drops Ender Gems which can be crafted in to armour and a very epic sword


All of the items that this mod will add to Minecraft.

As you can see this mod adds Ender tools and armour and also Endstone tools, the other items in the mod are Demonite Gemstone, Ender Dust, Ender Ingots and Obsidian Sticks.

Here is what the Ender armour looks like

Here is what Demonite ore looks like

Here is what The Ender Biome Looks like

Here is What the Endstone armour looks like

Here is what the Ender Mage looks like

Here is what the Ender Ninja looks like

Here is what Leather Chain armour looks like

Here is what Ender Mage armour looks like


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Ender Dust

These are the Dust forms of an Ender Ingot, Next you need to put the Ender Dust in a furnace to get a Ender Ingot. To make Ender Dust you will just need some items that are hard to get, one of the main items that are needed is Ender Pearls. After just put it in the furnace to receive an
Ender Ingot

This Magic metal is used to make all of the Ender Tools and Armour.

As you can see, the crafting recipes for all of the tools are the same as vanilla, however you need obsidian sticks instead of wooden sticks.
Endstone can also be crafted in to tools

The Armour also uses the same recipes as vanilla. No Obsidian sticks or other materials are required to make armor. They only require Ender ingots.

Also Demonite Gemstone and Ender Ingots can be crafted in to blocks

To make obsidian sticks you will just need two obsidian blocks

You can also craft paxels out of Endstone and Ender Ingots

You can now craft Endstone armour it is just crafted the same as vanilla minecraft

You can also craft Ender Coal which lasts way longer than normal Coal

Craft some Ender Cookies and see what happens

There is also a Ender Flower which can be used to get Ender Pearls

You can craft an Ender Quiver to store all your Arrows

You can craft an Ender Monster Spawner out of 8 Ender Ingots

You can craft this new epic sword which can kill any mob in one hit, but the crafting is very expensive

You can now craft chain which can be used to craft chain armour or Leather Chain

To make Leather Chain you will just need 1 Leather and 4 Chain

You can now craft battleaxes out of Ender Ingots and Endstone

You can also craft knifes out of Ender Ingots and Endstone

You can also make spears out of Ender Ingots and Endstone

You can Ender Wool which does not burn by lava or fire so it is a good material to build with

You can make Ender Glass which acts like a Xray so you can see all of the cave systems

This is how you create Ender Cloth so you can craft the Ender Quiver

The Ender Mage armour is just crafted the same as vanilla minecraft but using the Ender Gems

So, as you may have noticed, the tools and armour in the mod are end game items and they are rather expensive to craft, if you have loads of ender pearls from your trip to the end just make some Ender Dust and turn them in to Ender Ingots in a furnace, and you can craft epic tools and armour that are way better than Diamond. If you have finished the game and you have beat the Ender Dragon and you want a better reward than just a Dragon Egg that does not do anything and you want another boss to fight then this is the mod for you.




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