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Expert Difficulty Command Block 1.10.2

Tuesday, 23/08/2022 - 03:00
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Expert Difficulty command block makes the game more and more difficult over time – but only in areas you spend a lot of time in. You can fight this with special books dropped by the more powerful creatures.


Complete Guide:

How to use:

Every 10 seconds, the difficulty level of the 80×80 block area you are standing in will increment by 1 point. Here is a list of the effects that take place over time.

Tier 0

Tier 1 (10 minutes)  (60 points)

Tier 2 (11 minutes) (126 points)

Tier 3 (12 minutes) (198 points)

Tier 4 (14 minutes) (282 points)

Tier 5 (16 minutes) (378 points)

Tier 6 (19 minutes) (492 points)

Tier 7 (22 minutes) (624 points)

Tier 8 (25 minutes) (774 points)

Tier 9 (35 minutes) (984 points)

Tier 10 (45 minutes) (1254 points)

Commands you can use:

To see the local difficulty of the area without using the magic books, type this.

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar regDisplay

To add difficulty to your current area, type this.

/scoreboard players add @e[name=RD,c=1] regD 100

To reset the difficulty all together, type this.

/scoreboard players set @e[name=RD] regD 0

Disclaimer! Do not install this machine more than once! If you need to do this, remove the machine then type

/kill @e[name=RD]

before reinstalling.

Expert Difficulty Command

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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