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Explosives Plus Mod

Wednesday, 19/10/2022 - 00:00
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Explosives+ just had a huge update that includes performance improvements so it doesn’t lag your computer and some other new stuff . Explosives Plus Mod adds such a variety of items that go boom! So many different types of TNT and nukes! This adds so many items that you can cause damage with such as a extreme variety of nukes! My favorite part of this mod is the suicide vest!! Have you ever wanted a terrorist army? Well now you can! You can put the suicide vest on anything in the game and I mean everything Cows Creepers, Minecarts xD One of the things this mod adds is a AC-130 which I haven’t seen in any mods before! I would have to say that this is the best explosives mod out there because it blows More Explosives so far away! To use it, simply aim at one point, right click, and then choose three other points and right click on each of them as well. The path between points determines how the AC-130 flies and it will fly until it reaches the starting point again. The red light here marks the start and the green lights mark the other three points. Once in the AC-130, I recommend you turn off clouds, and then press “Z” to switch guns




Black Hole Bomb

Missile Launcher

Inverter Bomb

Repulsion Beam

Anti-Gravity Laser


Genesis Bomb

Mind Control Helmet

Suicide Vest


TNT Rain –> Those are Hydrogen Bombs

Stealth Bomber

Valkyrie Missile

Stick of Dynamite


Predator Missile

Switching back from the Valkyrie Missile

Elephant Gun


Nova Bomb

BiomeBuster –> That’s a dragon egg

Alternate Recipe for Creating More After the First One

Hydrogen Bomb

Laser Designator

Precision Plasma Beam

How to switch beam-types (sizes) (shapeless recipes)



Beacon Yes, it really is that expensive to make. Its more powerful than the MegaNuke in sheer crater size.

Napalm (You don’t lose the buckets)


Precise TNT

Sticky TNT (the recipe is shapeless, you don’t need a crafting table for it)

MegaNuke (the block in the middle is diamond, the ring is nukes)


The configs will auto-generate in /minecraft/config under Explosives+.cfg and Explosives+IDs.cfg

Download Links for Explosives Plus Mod:



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