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Extra Dimensional Mod

Wednesday, 13/07/2022 - 12:00
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What does mod do?

The Extra Dimensional Mod adds more variety to The Nether and The End. When explore both of these areas you will experience new challenges because there are many new mobs! You will also notice new ores which you can use to make new gear.




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Onyx Ore –

Onyx ore is the most common of the Nether ores. It is basically the Iron of the Nether. It generates up to level 100 in deposits of eight ores, so you should have no problem finding it. It can be used to make a tool set, an armor set, and a decorative block.

The ore, tool set, armor set, block and gem can be seen in the picture.

Soul Ore:

Soul ore is the main component in making a successful Soul Furnace which is used to Forge spawn eggs. This ore is found in deposits of soul sand, and can be mined for one soul, which can then be used with a bucket of blood for a soul in a bucket of blood.

The ore also serves as a light source.

The ore and soul are shown in the picture.

Nether Crystal Ore:

Nether Crystal is the most powerful of the Nether ores, therefore It is the rarest of them. When mined the ore will drop one Nether Crystal, unless you have Fortune or the Silk Touch, in which case it will give you more gems or the ore respectively. The ore generates to level 100 like onyx, but is six times as rare. It can be used to make an armor set, a tool set, and a decorative block.

Due to the material being heavy, the tool set can only be crafted with Nether Quartz sticks, which can be made from putting eight Nether Quartz around a stick in a crafting table.

The Crystal, ore, tool set, armor set and block can be seen in the picture.

Glowing Ore:

This ore can be mined for a glow shard, or with the Silk Touch as a fancy source of light. The glow shard can be crafted into six Glow Stone Dust or put on top of a stick for ten torches.

The ore can be found in deposits of Glow Stone, but is moderately rare.

The Glowing Ore and the Glowing Shard can be seen in the picture.

Nether Metal Ore:

This is a very strong, rough material. It can only be used for tools because it is too rough for armor. The ore can be found about as much as onyx, but generates in smaller deposits. It can be smelted to obtain one Nether Metal Ingot.

The ore, blocks, tools and ingot can be seen in the picture.


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Ender Pearl Ore:

Any body ever wonder where Ender Pearls come from? Well this is the solution. This is the most common of the End ores and can be mined for an Ender Pearl.

The ore can be found up to level Y: 44 in the End.

Ender Metal Ore:

This ore is moderately rare, and when mined it drops itself. You must smelt it in a furnace to obtain Ender Metal Ingots which can then be crafted into the block, tool set and armor set.

The ore generates up to level 38 in the end and is 2.5 times rarer than Ender Pearl Ore.

Ender Gem Ore:

Occurring under Y: 36 and twice as rare as Ender Metal, Ender Gems are the most precious material in the End. They are the rarest out of all of the ores, and can usually only be found under or inside of the End Island.

Once mined they will give you an Ender Gem which can be crafted into blocks, an armor set, and a tool set.

Tool Strengths:

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Onyx – a material that mines very fast but runs out very quickly, almost like an improved version of gold with an even higher enchantability rate.

Nether Crystal – Very fragile but very sharp. It is the second fastest tool in this mod, and has a durability of 300. It has an even higher enchantability rate than Onyx.

End Metal – This is a very durable but very dull material. It goes faster than stone but slower than iron. It takes a long time to run out and it has medium enchantability.

End Gem – The fastest tool known to Steve. It can mine stone in under half a second, and lasts almost as long as diamond. It has about the enchantability of Nether Crystal.



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This creature is a very moody one. It chooses to stay put in a single area while repeatedly spewing fireballs out at Steve. You normally have to get close up to them to be efficient.

They drop a key component(The Bucket of Blood) to craft the Soul in a Bucket of Blood, which is used for the Soul Furnace.

Soul Cow:

This Nether Resident is a hybrid between a Magma Cube and a Cow (Don’t ask me how that happened).

It is known for it’s strong Hide and it’s delicious Soul Beef. Be weary, though. If the Soul Beef isn’t cooked, it has a high chance of making you VERY nauseous for a large amount of time.

The Soul Cow can be milked like a normal cow, but instead they give you a Bucket of Blood for the Soul Furnace.

They can also be bred with Nether Warts to start a Soul Cow farm.

They like to spend time on the big, flat areas covered in soul sand. They can be found elsewhere, but rarely due to their preferences.

Their Soul Hide can be crafted into an armor set, which is about as strong as Iron.

Lost Soul-

This is the first mini-boss added to Extra Dimensional! He is (as his name implies) a wandering spirit without an owner, and doesn’t want to complete his trip to the beyond.

This mob is VERY strong, and I highly encourage an average player to fight him in easy mode because of his consistency to give out the Wither effect.

He will spawn randomly in the Nether, and is the rarest mob in the mod. You can hear his screams from 32 blocks away though, assisting you if you are ready to fight one.

Killing one will have a chance of getting you some Wither Skulls and a Nether Shard. Combine the Shards with the Nether Core that you can craft (recommend a crafting guide-like mod for the recipes) out of some materials in the Nether to obtain a Nether Star.

Don’t think it’s a free and easy way to get a Nether Star though. If you are unprepared, he will take you by surprise.


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Ender Slime:

The Ender Slime was created by two normal Slimes accidentally hopping into the End Portal. Overtime they eventually became more like the inhabitants of the end. They are like normal Slimes, but when killed they group into 6-8 End Slimes instead of the normal 2-4. When killed, they drop Dark Slime which is useless except for the soul furnace at the moment.

Ender Pig:

Nobody knows how this mythological beast arrived in the End. They act just like normal pigs, but they drop much more succulent, nourishing (and potentially harmful) meat. Raw Ender Pork has a high chance of giving the blindness effect when eaten, but can be cooked to reduce the chances of getting the effect.

These Mobs can also be bred with Ender Pearls to start a Mob Farm in the End.

Ender Chicken:

Ender Chickens are obviously the End equivalent of Chickens. They always drop Ender Chicken, which is a nourishing but harmful. You should make sure to cook out all of the ill effects before consuming it.

Instead of eggs, they give out Ender Pearls.

They can be bred using Dark Slimeballs to start an Ender Chicken farm.

Ender Smoke:

The Ender Smoke is a very hostile creature. They prefer to keep separate from each other because they like to be left alone. When neared or provoked, they will start to fly up into the air and shoot exploding fireballs at your face. These mobs are tough to deal with, but drop a worthy item, the Ender Smoke. The Ender Smoke can be used in a Materializer to get Unstable Matter.

Soul Furnace

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The Soul Furnace is used to make Spawn Eggs in survival mode. This is what the Souls and the Buckets of Blood are for.

Put whatever mob drop you prefer(a bone for a skeleton etc.) in the top slot, and the Soul in a Bucket of blood in the bottom. It will fuel one operation and turn the Mob drop into the respective Spawn Egg.




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The Materializer is a Machine that is used to transform Ender Smoke into Unstable Matter.

It needs a magnetizer to fuel one operation. A magnetizer can be crafted from four Iron Ingots and one Ender Pearl.

You can obtain Ender Smoke from defeating the mob in the End known as, well… Ender Smoke.

Unstable Matter can be used to craft non-renewable resources from the Nether and End.

I recommend using a Crafting Guide mod like Craft Guide or Not Enough Items to get the transformation recipes for the Unstable Matter.



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