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Extradimensional Item Storage Mod

Friday, 22/07/2022 - 21:00
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Wouldn’t it be nice to carry around and compactly store large quantities of items safely wherever you go in Minecraft? Don’t you agree? If you do, keep reading.


Iron Rod

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Who knew bashing together two iron ingots would prove so useful? By this delicate procedure you have managed to invent a rod sturdy enough to span dimensions.

Extradimensional Focus:

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By focusing the power of an ender pearl through a glass and golden casing, you can now lock Extradimensional Chests for an added security!

Lock an Extradimensional chest by shift-right clicking on it with a focus

Unlock the chest by shift-right clicking with an empty hand

Glowing Diamond

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Apparantly rolling a diamond in some glowstone dust makes it glow. Don’t worry, its safe. I think. The radiation might be a problem though.

Extradimensional Link

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Strapping a glowing diamond and an Extradimensional focus onto an Iron Rod you discover a method to link dimensions for advanced storage.

Item Saver Capsule

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Taping some gllowing diamonds to an Extradimensional Focus and wrapping the whole thing in purple wool seems to create an excellent method for carrying a large number of Item Savers while keeping precious hotbar space free.

It seems these capsules operate on the same principle as the Item Savers themselves wherein the contents are always safe.

Controlling your Item Saver Capsule:

Extradimensional Chest

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Fitting an Extradimensional Link to a chest, some wool and redstone, you have managed to successfully connect to other dimensions in which you may store your items!

This new chest stores a rather generous 104 item stacks (13 columns x 8 rows) and a bonus super cool functionality!

Hint: try putting things into the extra slot!

Chest inventory GUI:

Chest in the world and Bag in hand

Extradimensional Item Saver

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Please note that an Extradimensional Item Saver can be crafted using any colour of wool.

The colour of wool chosen corresponds to the Item Saver you recieve!

For example, Blue:

This thing is awesome! It will allow you to carry 104 item stacks wherever you go! But the awesome doesn’t stop there, no sir.

There are a total of 16 colours available (16 wools -> 16 Bags) for you to use, and each player has their own corresponding inventories for each colour. It’s like those other bags from some exchange mod, but better… because… just because they are…

Still more awesome though, so don’t scroll away yet! The items you store will stay with you through everyting. Death, losing your Item Saver, dying, sharing your Item Saver, dying, having the Item Saver stolen, dying more… you’ll never get rid of them. at least… until you remove them from the Item Saver… Then you can…

Don’t forget to try using this in different places in the Extradimensional Chest!

The Item Saver’s inventory GUI and all the bag colours/items:

Extradimensional Crafting Table

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This awesome block allows you to craft, store things, craft some more, then store more things! Who doesn’t love that!



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For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.7.2



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