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Female Creepers Mod 1.7.10

Sunday, 02/10/2022 - 00:00
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Female Creepers Mod 1.7.10 is a Passive mob, the idea behind this is that she might still be a creeper, but this one can hug you without blowing up in your face. When the Female Creeper was first discovered, everyone was afraid they thought it was the same as their male counter-parts, but they were wrong. Although if you go as far as to abuse these helpless creatures they will not fight back, because they do not possess the ability to explode that their male-counterparts do, some believe the part it is missing is the ‘Gun Powder Gland’ although this is not the technical term for it. When these Creepers are killed mercilessly by you they will drop ‘Female Creeper Skin’.

The Creeper Egg & Empty Creeper Egg

The ‘Female Creepers’ will sometime lay ‘Creeper Eggs’ while they are out and about, these eggs can be used to hatch little baby female creepers.

The Mysterious Creeper Egg

This egg is a very curious specimen, you create it by combining gun powder and a creeper egg shell. The creeper egg shells are dropped when a creeper egg is thrown and successfully spawns a baby female creeper.

Creeper Egg Food Items

Boiled Creeper Egg

The ‘Boiled Creeper Egg’ restores 2 hunger, and can be obtained by cooking a ‘Creeper Egg’. If you start to feel guilty that you are basically eating an unborn baby creeper don’t be, it’s the circle of life and YOU need to LIVE!

Boiled Mysterious Creeper Egg

If you feel like cooking an egg you just stuck a bit of gun powder in more power to ya. Albeit this egg will not taste as good do to the gun powder in it combined with the fact that there is no baby creeper in it either so this only restores 1.5 hunger. This means that if you don’t want to eat unborn baby creepers this is a “great” alternative.

Creeper Egg Soup

‘Creeper Egg Soup’ restores 4 hunger, and is obtained by putting a bowl in the bottom middle row, a “Creeper Egg’ in the second middle row, and a ‘Boiled Creeper Egg’ in the top middle row.

The Armor

Creeper Armor

So you wanna be a creeper? Well you can get pretty close with this fabulous new armor!

While wearing this armor normal creepers will show no interest toward you unless you smack them in the face or put the armor on in front of them, because we all know creepers aren’t stupid. Also while wearing this armor ‘Female Creepers’ will follow you around because you look so sexy…so enjoy that.

Female Creeper Armor

Okay you may not want to be a creeper so how about a ‘Female Creeper’? Well suck it up because this is what your getting!

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