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Gabum’s Golf Maps

Monday, 24/10/2022 - 06:00
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About Gabum’s Golf Maps

Welcome to the world of Gabum’s Golf. Over 190 holes in over 20 courses are waiting for you! Gabum’s Golf Maps

Gabum’s Golf 1

Map Info:

Gabum’s Golf is a Minigolf map with a total of 27 Holes. In the first part there are 4 courses: Normal (9 Holes), Nether (3 Holes), Aqua (6 Holes) and Ender (9 Holes). Play with your friends and compete with them, or play alone and try to beat my score!


Gabum’s Golf 2

Map Info:

Gabum’s Golf 2 – The sequel to Gabum’s Golf 1! 60 Holes in 6 new courses!

The goal is easy: Throw your ball into the hole with as less throws as you can! But that’s not all; Gabum’s Golf 2 also features:

Gabum’s Golf 3

Map Info:

Gabum’s Golf 3 is probably the biggest Minigolf Map ever released. It features:

It is easy: Throw your ball by pressing “Q”, and the ball will slide over the ice. Pick up the ball from the new position, and Press “Q” again, until it falls into the hole!

Gabum’s Golf Maps Screenshots:

How to install Gabum’s Golf Maps:

Download links for Gabum’s Golf Maps:

Gabum’s Golf 1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rk41afo3lccvhng/Gabum%27s+Golf+1.zip

Gabum’s Golf 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qqprxnszeeeze35/Gabum%27s+Golf+2.zip

Gabum’s Golf 3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rjz0vib0rmj1ciy/Gabum%27s+Golf+3V1.4.zip

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