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Grey Goo Mod 1.4.7

Saturday, 22/10/2022 - 12:00
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Grey Goo Mod 1.4.7 update adds rainbow goo and Plague world, two features that have been in the works for a VERY long time. It also adds a sort of ‘backup’ dimension that you can access through the Goo Portal (under machines).



There 5 machines, and 4 types of items, all described below.


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The top row contains the two crafting items, the NanoLathe to the left and the NanoLens to the right. I mean, we are working with individual atoms here. Specialized tools are required.
They are crafted as follows-

The next row contains the modifers- Each conveys a specific trait to a matrix when combined in the Compiler.(see below) They are dropped by Grey Goo when it mutates, and by the other goos.
To obtain, grow Grey Goo until it changes color, and break these blocks, or break other goo blocks!

The next two rows contain the Nanite Matricies. These represent the raw nanites, and can be assembled onto a substrate block in the Assembler to produce the corresponding goo block. Substrate is produced in the Homogenizer. To obtain, place one modifier in the top slot of a compiler, and one it the bottom slot. Dont forget to surround the machine with Coprocessors, though, or it takes forever.


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The assembler creates Goo Blocks by imprinting the Nanite Matrix onto a Substrate block. This process consumes resources, however.

First top slot takes a substrate, first bottom slot takes a matrix. Middle grid provides resources, each cycle takes 2 iron and 2 redstone. Outputs the Goo block corresponding to the matrix.


Takes modifiers/traits and combines them into a matrix. Invalid combinations yield grey.


Only one function right now, takes Red Green Goo in the bottom slot, and any other block in the top. Globally changes the texture of Red Green to whatever the top block was. Plan on allowing it to change the texture of substrate blocks individually, and program custom functions into rainbow goo, like what it spreads into, how fast, how far, define rules for it, really anything.


The Homogenizer consumes any block and outputs a Substrate.


The Coprocessor block is not a machine by itself- Instead, it increases the speed of any machine that it is next to, in a 3x3x3 cube around it. To maximise the effectiveness of a machine, suround it with 25 coprocessors, with one opening to use it. For each coprocessor, the homogenizer will also produce another substrate per input.

MultiBlock Structures- EMP Array and Goo Portal:

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EMP Array-

This powerful new machine is less a machine than a large, muliblock structure. When properly constructed, it disables the spread of a single goo. It also disables the reproduction of TGD golems if they exist, and resets the worldgen status. (assuming you can get rid of all the TGD, that is…)

Once build, right click the one block at the bottom to activate it, and then place a single goo block on the central pedestal. The pedestal will dissapear, and it will confirm activation.

How To Construct the EMP Array-

This is the standby, ready to accept a goo block state. You MUST click the bottom most block before you place a goo block on it. If you do not, it will not activate.

This is the activated state. If you place the goo block on the pedestal and it doesn’t dissapear, try clicking the bottom block to reactivate it.

Goo Portal-

To activate it, place and click the central block. Wait inside the square until it teleports you, then break out of the green goo walls into the new dimension. It also will only do this in the overworld.

Grey Goo Mod Installation:

Grey Goo Mod Changelogs:


Download Links for Grey Goo Mod 1.4.7

For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For Minecraft 1.4.5


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