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Herbology Mod

Thursday, 23/06/2022 - 21:00
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The Herbology Mod is a new way to approach medicine and brewing in Minecraft! Plant lovers will finally be able to make some powerful new medicines and hunt down and harvest for a large number of ingredients. And with over 16 new herbs to find, there’s plenty to explore and try out before finding something that works for you!


16 New Herbal Plants – What’s an Herbology mod with a flurry of new plants to hunt for? New plants included (along with their brewing and medicine status effects) are:

Each plant spawns naturally in small groups and will drop a unique ingredient when harvested. But if you should need more, there’s always other ways to get them…

Herbologist’s Field Guide – Even seasoned herbal experts can mistake a valuable herb for common grass once in a while. That’s why it helps to have a handy dandy field guide on hand to identify wild herbs. Using this item on wild grass or ferns will allow you to identify it as one of the currently listed herbs. Follow the example image below to make one for yourself!

New Brewing Stand – A new collection of brewable ingredients clearly calls for a new way to make a brewing stand, wouldn’t you think? Just follow the example image below and you’ll have yourself a nice new brewing stand to start making your favorite potions with all new herbal ingredients.

Mortar & Pestle – A key tool at any herbal fanatic’s disposal, a Mortar & Pestle will let you grind up herbal ingredients into fine powders. To make one, follow the example below…

Herbal Medicine – Brewing it fine and all, but a good herbologist knows how to make more varied uses of herbal ingredients. By combining a Mortar & Pestle with paper and most herbal ingredients into the same crafting space, you can get a fine herbal powder. Consuming it will grant you a wide variety of beneficial effects, some not even achievable through brewing. Add in Juniper berries to extend the medicine’s effect, or ginseng berries to increase it’s potency. (Crafting guide below demonstrates a standard herbal medicine recipe with the maximum number of berries allowed; up to 2 ginseng or juniper berries or 1 of each.)


For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1


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