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Liquid Relay Mod 1.4.7

Thursday, 20/10/2022 - 21:00
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Here is some informations about Liquid Relay Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 Frostburn that you can need before download it

Buildcraft: Waterproof Pipes
RedPower2: Liquid Tubes
Thermal Expansion: Liquiducts

As the list of tech mods grows, the list of methods of item/liquid transfer grows with it. While some mod authors work towards mod compatibility, others don’t. When it comes to liquids, there is no good way to transfer liquids from one pipe system to another with ease. Want to pump liquid with a RP2 pump, but transfer it along your liquiduct line? Well, you could pump it into a tank, then extract it out the other side, but that adds a delay, and may require power/resources you don’t particularly want to spare. It’s easy to transfer items from BC pipes to RP2 tubes, so why can’t you do the same with liquids? Well, now you can

The implementation is simple. Hook up any liquid piping system to the input side of the relay (blue input slot), and the contents are automatically pumped out into whatever pipe/tube is connected. No extra work for you. Just one block added to your tube/pipe line, and you’re good.

Want to pump up an entire lava lake with an RP2 pump, but store it in Thermal Expansion’s portal tanks? You got it. Want to use a BC pump, but store the liquids in block form using RP2 grates? Easy.



Liquid Relay Mod 1.4.7 Installation:

Download Links for Liquid Relay Mod 1.4.7


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