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Saturday, 25/06/2022 - 18:00
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All of the images here are what the items look like in game. All tools have their stats listed under their names in game.


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Corundum Ingot

Dwarven Metal Ingot
– Created by smelting Dwemmer scrap

Ebony Ingot
– Naturally generated

Orichalcum Ingot

Silver Ingot

Quicksilver Ingot

Refined Moonstone Ingot

Refined Malachite Ingot

Dragon Scales/Dragon Bones
– The Enderdragon will drop these now. Eventually more dragons will be added.

Dwarven Scrap
– Can be smelted into Dwarven Metal Ingots. Found in dungeon chests and will be eventually dropped by mobs.

– Created by throwing an axe and some planks together.

– All gems are currently found in dungeons

Flawless Amethyst
– All flawless gems are crafted by putting three amethyst together


Flawless Sapphire


Flawless Ruby


Flawless Garnet

Flawless Emerald

Flawless Diamond

Daedra Heart
– Currently unimplemented, will drop from Daedra/Dremora

Steel Ingot
– Created by smelting corundum and iron together

Leather Strip
– Used to create most gear in the mod


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Corundum Ore

Ebony Ore

Orichalcum Ore

Malachite Ore

Moonstone Ore

Silver Ore

Quicksilver Ore

Smelter (WIP)
– A double furnace used to smelt ores together.


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Most armor skin creds to Vince_Winters

Ebony Armor skin creds to Captain Awesome

Glass Armor skin creds to SnowForge

Armor is slightly different in this mod. Gauntlets go inside the leggings section.

Dwarven Armor:

Ebony Armor:

Glass Armor:

Daedric Armor:


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Daedric Weapons:

Daedric Battleaxe

Daedric Dagger

Daedric Greatsword

Daedric Mace

Daedric Sword

Daedric War Axe

Daedric Warhammer

Ebony Weapons:

Ebony Battleaxe

Ebony Dagger

Ebony Greatsword

Ebony Mace

Ebony Sword

Ebony War Axe

Ebony Hammer

Glass Weapons:

Glass Warhammer

Glass War Axe

Glass Sword

Glass Mace

Glass Greatsword

Glass Dagger

Glass Battleaxe


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All are shapeless, just like Skyrim.

Output | Input


Daedric Weapons:

Glass Weapons:

Ebony Weapons:

Food items:






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