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Mizzle II Map

Thursday, 10/11/2022 - 15:00
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Mizzle II Map Story

You’re going to land in a Laboratory with a scientist, Dok. And you’ll have to help him. While you’re exploring the lab, you’ll encounter some… weird situations. Mizzle II Map

What’s Mizzle ?

Mizzle are adventure (mostly puzzle) maps created with the latest version of the game. The objective for me is to use most of the new features. The objective for you is to play a good adventure map while you discover what are the latest change in the game and how they can be used.

Mizzle is a serie of map created with the latest features added to the game. The original purpose of these maps is to show what mapmakers can do and having fun.

Mizzle II Map Screenshots:

You’ll need around 1h30 to finish the map… and more if you try to find the 9 nether stars hidden in the map! Each nether star can unlock a bonus level at the end. There’s 3 bonus level for each difficulty (easy, medium, hard), so you’ll be able to find something for you. Some parkour/puzzle can also be skipped using a nether star. Here’s an example of a bonus level (this is a hard one, don’t be afraid):

All the features added in Minecraft 1.8 are used in the map. And there’s a lot of feature so the map is pretty big. Cinematics (using the spectator mode), random level generation (using new dispenser behavior and new commands), titles, guardians, interactive dialogs, custom models with custom blocks and unique game mechanics.

Map Trailer:

In the lab, you’ll find some items:


How to install:

A resource pack is included in the map. It will be installed automatically when you launch the map.

Download links for Mizzle II Map:

For Minecraft 1.8



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