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My People Mod

Saturday, 25/06/2022 - 00:00
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With this mod, you can create human clones, give them names, watch them grow, and have them fight along side you.

Using a complicated process(which involves separating blood, and extracting the genomic DNA and injecting it into the embryo of an egg and then introducing an electrical charge to begin the growth process), You can have your own people in no time!

Don’t you just hate it that you can’t craft a monster spawner egg? Well now you can! Just attack a mob with a needle, to obtain some of their blood, and then separate the blood, extract the genomic DNA and inject it into an egg(with bonemeal for quicker growth). Now you can spawn any mob you want!

When you name a clone, they will take on that persons skin name from Minecraft’s online database. So any registered user’s skin will be valid, and allowed on your clone.



First you must craft a needle:

Then, to make a human clone, right click, and extract some blood. Be warned though. It does do you damage and you are sick for a minute!

Or to clone an animal/mob attack them with it(You cannot clone Snowmen or Ender Dragons

Then craft a test tube:

And add the blood covered knife needle to the test tube

Then, craft a centrifuge:

And place in it up to four test tubes. Then power it with fuel (to spin completely it uses up 8 4 coal)

Then grab your now Separated Blood Sample and add it to the needle to fill the needle with the genomic DNA.

Then inject the needle into an egg with some bonemeal(to make it grow quicker).

Then, if you made a human egg, keep on going, otherwise, well done, you have just made a mob spawner egg! Yay!

If you made a human egg, place it on the ground.

Now, introduce an electrical(redstone) current into the egg to start the growing process.(When cloning I.R.L., they actually introduce an electical pulse into the sample to begin the growth)

Now after about 2 days of minecraft, the egg should hatch, and a mini clone will pop out! Hip hip hooray!

Also, if you wish to know where your clones are, you can craft a Clone Tracker like so:

Then right click to bring up a GUI showing all of your clones:

Then choose a clone you want your Clone Tracker to point to, and click done:

Your Clone Tracker will now point towards the specified clone.

(The Clone Tracker will automatically point towards your spawn point if you do not have a clone set (In the nether and End, the Tracker will not work))

Most of the Clone’s GUI is self explanatory, but some of the confusing ones are:

Teams don’t work perfectly at the moment. Traitors will attack you, but coloured teams don’t attack eachother. Now, go fight some monsters!




For Minecraft 1.6.4


For Minecraft 1.5.2




For Minecraft 1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.7



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