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Mystic Mushrooms Mod

Wednesday, 13/07/2022 - 06:00
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What is Mystic Mushrooms?

The Mystic Mushroom mod has got a lengendary history! In this lands is the force of arkane magic the double then anywere in this world. Thats because of the magic wind wich blows over the land. Thats the reason why its so bright there, but everything there acts like mushrooms! If it gets to bright they will start todisappear!

Mod Screenshots and Information:


The White deserts are the only places in the whole minecraft universe were you can find blue cactuses wich are breaking there self if they grow! You also can find there pyramids with awesome stuff in there. (At the right hand side the stone brick pyramide)


The mushroom plains are the only plains without grass. They only have got the stamania fruit, which you need to for potions! The heart flower also grow in impressiv amounts there. You also can fin there the ruins of slimys or ruins of slimys doom chamber.


This land is the second land were the magic wind is still blowing, there will be mabey in future more mushroom types and ruins! But who know that? Well, the mystic mushroom lands are the only land were the mushroom grass carrys high amounts of magic. Wich you can use for magic baterries and much more, but later on. There are also two famous types of mushrooms: The glowing and the poison mushroom!

Magma lands

The Magma lands are great places for miners! This is the only land very mini vulcanos and ore vulcanos (the big ones) ar existing. There are also the only tree types in the whole mushroom Galaxy. The ore mushrooms or gray mushrooms. There top is filled with magma and their steam is full with emeralds, redstone, diamonds, gold and much more! Y ou also can find there heart planst wich you need for potions. This is also the only land for the famous thunder flowers! The mushroom grass there drops blaze powder and has got no magic.

Ice lands

The ice lands have real mystic mushrooms wich have their own fire in its hats, so they don’t start to frezze in this cold!

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

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How to get into the new dimension:

This is a quick guide, it will help you to know what you need to get to the Mushroom Galaxy! First of all you need a glowing mushroom, then a flint and mushroom, and the last step is a portal placer.

Just take the Mushroom Placer and right click it on the ground.If it works it wil spawn a mushroom portal, if it doesn’t work, you should see a message in the chat with ‘the portal can’t go there’.


Mod Showcases:

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