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Nivenska Nights Saga Map

Saturday, 29/10/2022 - 09:00
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Nivenska Nights Saga Map Present

Nivenska Nights Saga Map – A world overrun by evil and only the true Hero can save it, In this constantly evolving/updating open world adventure map. Explore the land and help the citizens whilst you journey on the quest to rid the world once and for all of its true evils.

The Stories:

Main Story 1 (Save Nivenska): The town has just requested the presence of the hero(es) as their protector Aethaennyn has passed away and the undead begin to rise once again. The hero(es) has to search for the Beacon of Amrath at the Alter of Afterlife and stop the dead from walking the Earth.

Main Story 2 (Ritualistic End): The town has been plagued before by the Wither King. The reaper once defeated him with magic but some of his remains were scattered and he was not truly defeated. It is up to the Hero(es) to solve the riddle of the Wither Skull and defeat the Wither King once and for all.

Main Story 3 (Dragon Dawn): – First travel to the depths of hell to discover an ancient temple where evil worshiped the rulers of the sky. Then your journey takes you to Dragon Isle where you have to slay the very beasts only heard of in old tales. *Must Complete Sacred Key To Start*

Main Story 4 (Boria Dimelia): – Unearth more into the dark story of Nivenska once the beacon of Amrath has been lit and plunge into a world of darkness

Main Story 5 (Darkest Depths): Coming Soon In Version 5.0

Side Quests: There are numerous side quests that will be added as the main story line develops, some simple collection quests, other not so simple unlocks and extended quests. Below is the current list of side quests.

‘[Book/Quest Name] – Quest Info’ Note some side quests are now command block activated throughout gameplay


Nivenska Nights Saga Map Screenshots:

Resource Pack: Include download file

How to install:

Download links for Nivenska Nights Saga Map:


Walkthrough: http://www.mediafire.com/view/z1cvc8c50ocay9h/Nivenska_Nights_Walkthrough.pdf

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