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Orbit Map

Thursday, 27/10/2022 - 09:00
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About Orbit Map

Orbit Map is a custom PvP map for Vanilla Minecraft 1.8. The objective is to overload the enemy team’s power core with 10 experience levels. As a player you may join forces with either the Hydra (Green) or the Triton (Blue) teams.

We recommend you play a 3v3 or a 4v4, however the map supports any amount of players.

Orbit Map Screenshots:

Map Trailer:

How to play Orbit Map:

The objective is to overload the enem:y team’s power core with 10 experience levels. As a player you may join forces with either the Hydra (Green) or the Triton (Blue) teams.

Gaining experience

The first method to gain experience (Xp) is by using the Xp pad. This is located at the centre of the map. Like everything else in the map, stepping on the beacon will activate it. The Xp pad awards Xp to your team according to how many people from your team are on the pad when it completes its charging cycle. Every member of your team will receive the levels as long as there are one or more players from your team on the pad.

Another way to gain Xp is via the kill-streak system. Every 2 kills you achieve, 2 Xp levels will be awarded.

Xp throughout the map is largely team based. If a member of your team dies, 1 Xp level will be removed from every player on your team. Coordinating effectively as a team becomes an important factor.

TNT and arrow pads

Each team has TNT and arrow pads located at either side of a team’s respective base. Both pads give the supplies to your whole team but require at least one team member to be on the pad when it completes its charging cycle. TNT does not cause chain reactions to other nearby TNT and will not damage the terrain. It will blind players if they are within the area of its blast, whereas arrows have their default behaviour.

Supply beams

Supply beams include various items and effects that can be exchanged for Xp levels. Items have durability and are not lost upon death. The supply beam is team specific and located just behind your respective team’s spawn.

Jump pads

Jump pads are pretty self-explanatory, jump onto the beacon and you will gain a jump boost. Get to the ground before it runs out otherwise you will take damage!


You must stay within the Y coordinate values of 110 and 75.
Do not bridge out from the sides of the map.

How to install Orbit Map:

Download links for Orbit Map:

For Minecraft 1.8


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