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Passive Enchantments Mod

Tuesday, 19/07/2022 - 15:00
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Enchantments without the management!

Enchanting in Minecraft, while useful, requires you to constantly carry around those items you’ve enchanted. This mod seeks to make that less of an issue by providing magical rings for you to pour the magical powers of enchanting into.

Example Video:

Getting Started

There are two main components to this mod. Rings, and alters.


Rings are the object that all enchantments can be applied to. They are comprised of a metal, and a dye. Depending on the metal type, the ring will have a different strength, as the use of these enchantments will eventually break down the rings.


Material Strength
Gold 128
Iron 64
Copper 64
Tin 64
Silver 64

These values may change


Simply surround any dye with 8 ingots of the material of your choice


Getting the ring is only one half the puzzle. You must also infuse it with the enchantment of your choice.

You can craft an alter by combining any 7 of the same type of stone in an I shape. This mod supports almost every block that classifies itself as rock, so you have a wide range of customization.


To infuse a ring with an enchant, place an enchanted book on the alter, then your ring. Finally, light the whole thing on fire! The enchantment will (violently) seep into the ring, destroying the book in the process.

Note: If you can’t place the book on the alter, it means I haven’t implemented that particular enchant.

Once the magic is done, you’ll have an enchanted ring ready to do your bidding. In all cases, the enchantment will passively work as long as it remains in your hotbar (config option to allow it to remain in your inventory in general). Things like offensive enchantments will work regardless of the weapon you have equipped (yes, this means you can use your bare hands), and defensive enchantments will work regardless of armor.

How to install:

Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.7.2



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