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Quiver Mod 1.7.10

Friday, 25/11/2022 - 21:00
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Quiver Mod 1.7.10. Running out of arrows? No worries. Just use your quiver(has a total of nine extra slots for your arrow needs) by holding that right click to semi-automatically refill your inventory with arrows. At first, the Quiver only has one slot, but can be upgraded by surrounding the Quiver with leather, earning you two extra slots each time. However, make sure to keep it stocked when you get home! Don’t want to forget that you used your last arrow before heading into another fight now would we? Just sneak + right click to open up your quivers inventory and chuck in those arrows! Have fun hunting! Oh! And as always with anything leather…you can dye them! ANY COLOR!!!

But after many uses, aren’t you tired of holding that right click? How about wear it around your right leg? Place the Quiver in the Leggings slot, wearing it as armor, and it will automatically reload if your arrow stack runs below 64. It acts just like normal leather armor, it even gives you an armor bonus! The Quiver can also be enchanted at the enchantment room, ranging things from Fire Protection to Blast Protection. Now, we must prepare for the dawn of the Age of the Archers.

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