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Rare Seed

Tuesday, 19/07/2022 - 03:00
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This Seed contains all biomes within a 2000 block radius starting from [0,0]. It is very rare to find ’em all within this radius. I used a batch script to find it.



ColorChart: (MegaTaiga defaults to grey in Amidst but i use brown instead!)

Detailed seed analysis:

Starting_analysis_of_seed:_4031384495743822299 Selected_range:_2048_Total_Area:_16.777.216_m²__[100,00%] +++++++_General_Biomes_+++++++ Mesa:_______________828.640_m²__[_4,94%] Savanna:____________562.800_m²__[_3,35%] Jungle:_____________494.224_m²__[_2,95%] MegaTaiga:__________572.896_m²__[_3,41%] Forest:_____________721.216_m²__[_4,30%] BirchForest:________365.264_m²__[_2,18%] RoofedForest:_______194.080_m²__[_1,16%] ExtremeHills:_______735.328_m²__[_4,38%] Taiga:______________617.680_m²__[_3,68%] ColdTaiga:___________61.744_m²__[_0,37%] IceWorld:___________928.816_m²__[_5,54%] Plains:_____________681.024_m²__[_4,06%] Desert:_____________803.632_m²__[_4,79%] Swampland:___________85.520_m²__[_0,51%] Ocean:____________7.518.112_m²__[44,81%] Beach:______________920.448_m²__[_5,49%] River:______________651.360_m²__[_3,88%] MushroomIsland:______34.432_m²__[_0,21%] ++++++_Special_Biomes_Included_++++++ MesaBryce:__________________56.896_m²__[_0,34%] Savanna(Plateau)M:_________187.440_m²__[_1,12%] MegaSpruceTaiga(Hills):_____29.856_m²__[_0,18%] IcePlainsSpikes:_____________8.848_m²__[_0,05%] RoofedForestM:___________________0_m²__[_0,00%] FlowerForest:_______________24.096_m²__[_0,14%] BirchForest(Hills)M:________59.168_m²__[_0,35%] SunflowerPlains:____________45.280_m²__[_0,27%]

Spawn in plains next to a desert:


Mesa connected to savanna plateau M:

Mesa Bryce:

Ice Plains Spikes:

Mesa Bryce:

Mesa Bryce and birch forest:

Mesa Bryce and birch forest M:

Jungle next to mesa:

Mega Taiga:

Mega Spruce Taiga:

Savannah Plateau M:

Savannah Plateau M:

Seed ID: 4031384495743822299

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