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Realistic Survival by Rainbeau Flambe Mod 1.10.2

Thursday, 27/10/2022 - 21:00
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Realistic Survival by Rainbeau Flambe Mod 1.10.2. An “Enhanced Vanilla” Minecraft Mod. This mod changes a few things to make the early survival game a little less unrealistic. Make Minecraft a lot harder with the Realistic Survival Mod! Realistic Survival in Minecraft to make it extreamly hard.

Your First Days:

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Your first order of business will be to arm yourself.

You can find rocks by digging in dirt. Keep some of them to use as ranged weapons, and throw the others at the ground (by right-clicking) to break them into flint. You can combine two flint to create a flint toolhead.

You can find sticks in the dirt, too, but you’re more likely to find them by breaking leaf blocks.

Finally, you can find plant fibers by breaking tall grass. Four fibers can be combined into a cord.

Once you have a toolhead, a stick and a cord, you can make yourself a flint knife.

You’ll also want to find some food. Your best early options come from trees. Oak and dark oak leaf blocks can drop acorns, and spruce leaf blocks can drop pinecones, in which you can find pine nuts. If you’re in a plains biome, you might be lucky enough to find an apple tree. Those drop apples on the ground, so you can collect food without breaking anything!

Now you’re ready to do some hunting. Why hunt? Because you’ll need leather in order to make tools. On the plus side, pigs and sheep now have a chance to drop leather, so you don’t necessarily have to find cows, horses or rabbits. On the minus side, passive mobs won’t just stand around waiting for you to hit them. You’ll have to chase them, or pelt them with rocks from a distance.

If you absolutely can’t find any animals, as a last resort, you can kill zombies, which will sometimes drop patchwork flesh from which leather can be made. But you really shouldn’t be taking on zombies yet.

Once you have leather, you can use your knife on it to create leather strips. And once you have leather strips, you can combine a toolhead, a stick and a leather strip to create a flint hatchet.

Hurray! You can finally chop down trees, which means you can finally construct a crafting table and make other tools, such as a flint pickaxe, a flint shovel, and a flint hoe. You’re ready to start mining and farming!

There are two more things I should mention here. First, bows are now constructed with leather strips rather than with string. And second — and probably more importantly — while your flint pickaxe will let you mine stone and coal, it will NOT let you mine iron. For that you’ll need “bone-encrusted stone” tools.

“Bone-encrusted stone” tools are made with rocks, bone shards, sticks and leather strips. Bone shards can be made by carving bones with your knife. But don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to fight skeletons to get bones. Lots of creatures have bones, after all, so lots of creatures now have a chance to drop them.

Finally, you’ll probably spend more than a day in the game before you can actually mine any coal and make “real” torches. “Primitive” torches won’t last long, but will at least last a night. Make a simple woven cloth with four cords, use your knife to crush some seeds for oil, and make a “bow drill” from two sticks and a cord. Combine those three items with an extra stick, and you’ve got light!

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

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“Add Nuts”: Adds acorns and pinecones to the game. Acorns fall from oak and dark oak leaves, and can be eaten directly. Pinecones fall from spruce leaves, and can be broken to find pine nuts, which can be eaten. This gives you a few extra food options early in the game. (Yes, both acorns and apples can fall from the same tree. Apples ought to fall from apple trees, not oak trees.)

“Baked Bread”: Bread must be baked. Combining three wheat now just gets you bread dough, which must be cooked in a furnace before you have bread.

“Egg Dishes”: Eggs are delicious, so this option allows you to craft and eat a few basic egg dishes. It also allows you to make cheese by smelting buckets of milk, since eggs and cheese go so well together. What does this have to do with “realistic survival”?

The specific items you can create are:

The Most Important Meal of the Day! (12 hunger, 1.5 saturation) *

“Flesh to Leather”: Rotten zombie flesh may be “cooked” into patchwork flesh, which can be crafted into leather.

“No Sticks from Planks”: Crafting sticks from planks is just silly. You should find sticks by breaking leaf blocks.

“No Wool from String”: String is useful for many things, but no, you can’t turn it back into wool. If you want wool, find some sheep.

“Web to String: Webs can be crafted into string.

“Wool to String”: Wool blocks can be crafted into string.

Configuration Options:

The primary “realistic survival” option settings:

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“Flint Tools”: Wooden and stone tools are gone, and you can’t harvest logs by punching trees. There’s actually a bit more to it than that. This option is, after all, the core point of the mod, and includes a number of interconnected changes. Flint and “bone-encrusted stone” tools are added to the game, as are knives, which are like small swords that can “silk touch” vines and grass like shears and are used in a number of new recipes. The option also sets things so that if you can’t harvest a block with a particular tool, you can’t destroy it with that tool, either.

“Get Rocks from Stone”: Chopping at stone with a pickaxe doesn’t produce cobblestone. It produces rocks. Digging up dirt blocks will also often yield rocks. Rocks can be used in a number of new recipes to produce various types of stone, and can also be chipped down — through the simple expedient of throwing them at the ground to break them — to produce flint. (Throw them by right-clicking, by the way. Don’t just drop them.) Rocks can be thrown at mobs, too, and will do a few points of damage, so they’re also useful as ranged weapons until such time as you have a bow and a supply of arrows.

“No Flint from Gravel”: You only get flint by breaking rocks. You can’t find it in gravel. If this option is selected, you won’t find flint naturally, so if you also have “Flint Tools” selected, you WILL need to toss rocks at the ground before you can make any tools! (If you don’t have “Get Rocks from Stone” set true, then this option has no effect.)

“Primitive Torches”: Primitive torches are sticks wrapped with oily rags. They won’t burn for long, but will at least provide you with light to last out a night before you’re able to mine coal. But they’ll go out if they’re rained on.

Some extra gameplay and worldgen options:

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“Apple Trees”: Apples no longer come from oak trees, but from apple trees. And they actually DROP from those trees, so you don’t necessarily have to break leaf blocks to find them. Unlike other trees, apple trees don’t drop saplings. Instead, you can cut the seeds out of apples and plant them.

“Chickens Drop Feathers”: Chickens will sometimes drop feathers as they go about their busy lives. This will make it possible to collect feathers without killing your poultry.

“Clay Generation”: Clay will be found in small veins everywhere, rather than just at the bottom of lakes and oceans. This will make it a bit easier to locate and gather. Given that clay is used with rocks to create stone blocks, this could be important.

“Clay Height – Max”: The maximum height (Y value) at which clay may spawn. (Range 65-256; Default 96.)

“Clay Height – Min”: The minimum height (Y value) at which clay may spawn. (Range 1-64; Default 32.)

“Clay Spawn Rate”: The number of veins of clay in a typical chunk. (Range 2-32; Default 16.)

“Clay Vein Size”: The maximum number of blocks in a clay vein. (Range 4-16; Default 8.)

“Fast Leaf Decay”: Leaves don’t linger in the sky on their own for minutes without end.

“Mobs are Skittish”: Passive mobs — chickens, cows, pigs and sheep — will try to avoid you. Unless you’re holding their favorite food, of course. This makes hunting without a ranged weapon a bit more challenging, since the mobs won’t just stand around waiting for you to hit them.

“Saplings Replant”: Dropped saplings will attempt to replant themselves before despawning. Regrow forests the natural way!

“Spiders Drop Webs”: Spiders will now drop webs instead of string.

Mod Showcases:


Minecraft Forge

Realistic Survival by Rainbeau Flambe Mod 1.10.2 Download Links:

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