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Silent’s Pets Mod 1.7.10

Tuesday, 15/11/2022 - 15:00
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Silent’s Pets Mod 1.7.10 adds a wider variety of pets to the game. Instead of finding animals in the wild, you must craft a Pet Summon for the pet you want and use it to create your pet. The AI of all pets is more or less the same as a tamed wolf.

Mod Showcases:



Getting Started:

To craft a Pet Summon, you will need eight Raw Pet Essence. You can get it by killing things. Anything! Zombies, cows, villagers, even mobs from other mods. Looting increases the drop rate. Craft the Pet Summon you want and name it in an anvil to give your pet a name, if you want to. Now just right-click to create your pet (it works just like a spawn egg). Different pets have a different amount of health, attack damage, and movement speed (these different values are a bit buggy right now, they should be fixed soon).

Right-click your pet to tell it to stay/follow you. Use any helmet on it to give it armor. The helmet gives a full suit of armor’s worth of protection.

When your pet inevitably dies fighting that super tough boss or roasts itself in a fire, it has a chance of dropping a replacement Pet Summon.

If your pet gets hurt, but survives, it will regenerate its health slowly over time.

Notable Items:

Pet Wand

The Pet Wand allows you to do a few different things with your pet. It has three modes right now.

Name Plate

Basically a reusable name tag, with one unique feature: it can be crafted with items to rename them! Just like name tags, you can also click on a mob to rename it, using one point of durability.


How to install:

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