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Still Hungry Mod 1.7.10

Saturday, 01/10/2022 - 12:00
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Still Hungry Mod 1.7.10 made by 17CupsOfCoffee, DizzyAlyx and bethw08

The Still Hungry mod adds lots more food into your game, roughly around 50 items, which is more food than there actually is in Minecraft currently. This took a while to make but we finally buckled down and got on with it.

Still Hungry Mod Features:

Still Hungry Mod Screenshots:

Still Hungry Mod Video:

Still Hungry Mod Recipes:

The stove:

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The new custom furnace is the stove, which lets you cook new recipes using a frying pan or other utensils.


You need a frying pan to use the majority of the stove recipes, it is placed above the flame inside the stove.

Frying pan:

The stove can’t cook the recipes a furnace can, so you still need to use a furnace for that, but it does require fuel such as wood or coal.

Stove Recipes:

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Taco shell:

+3 hunger


+7 hunger

Lamb steak:

+ 5 hunger


+3 hunger

Scrambled egg:

+4 hunger

Fried egg:

+2 hunger

Omelette x2

+2 hunger (each)


+5 hunger

French toast:

+3 hunger

Hot chocolate:

+2 health regain
Potato cake:

+4 hunger

French fries:

+3 hunger


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In version 2 we added barrels, which allow you to make wine and cider! These are great for the early game when you don’t have the resources (or the courage) to venture into the nether for potion materials.You create a barrel like so:

and some bottles to fill like this:

The barrel doesn’t work like anything you have seen in vanilla minecraft, so we’ll explain how it works.

You first place a bucket of water into the top slot – you will then see the barrel fill up in the background. Then, in any order you choose, place 1 sugar and 4 fruit (grapes or apples) into the top slot – you will see the fermenting process take place! Once the liquid has reached full colour and is fizzing, place one bottle (Stacking them won’t work! This is a technical limitation that will be fixed in later versions) under the tap slot, and the booze will drain into the bottle!Alcohol will give you strength and regen for around a minute and a half as long as you keep chugging them – be warned though, if you let the timer get too low the hangover will set in, and that is no fun


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Tired of having to carry all your precious homecooked food around? We can help with that

This will give you a 6 slot portable inventory to use for your cooking – perfect to take down the mines with you.

Additional cooking:

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We have also made a few new items for the furnace.

Cooked squid meat:

+3 hunger

Cooked lamb:

+4 hunger


+1.5 hunger

New food recipes:

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Apple pancakes:

+5 1/2 hunger

Beef burger:

+10 hunger

Chicken burger:

+8 hunger

Lamb burger:

+10 hunger

Pork burger:

+10 hunger

Apple pie x2:

+4 hunger (each)

Box lunch:

+5 hunger

Chocolate bar x2:

+2 hunger (each)

Muffin x3:

+2 hunger (each)

Chocolate muffin x3:

+2 hunger (each)

Fruit salad:

+6 1/2 hunger


+4 hunger

Strawberry jam:

Apple jam:

Melon jam:

Strawberry jam sandwich:

+8 hunger

Apple jam sandwich:

+8 hunger

Melon jam sandwich:

+8 hunger

Grape jam sandwich:

+8 hunger

Cheese sandwich:

+8 hunger

Macaroni and Cheese
+8.5 hunger


+9 hunger


Cheese Burger:

Full hunger bar refill – perfect for if you’re starving!

Other crafting:

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Jam jar:

Hedge: perfect for any garden

Rose hedge:

Dandelion hedge:


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Strawberry: Strawberries work in exactly the same way as wheat, going through 8 stages of growth when planted near water, when harvested, they will drop strawberries and possibly some seeds. They will spawn at random in patches in the world where there is grass.

Rice: Again, works in exactly the same way. Simple right?

You can also now obtain seeds for these plants by placing one of their dropped crops in the crafting grid:

How to install Still Hungry Mod 1.7.10


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General Nice Things:

Plant Changes:

Recipe Changes:

Bug Fixes:

Still Hungry Mod 1.7.10 Download Links:

Other Versions:

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.7.2



For Minecraft 1.7.10



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