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Sun’s Son Mod

Friday, 15/07/2022 - 00:00
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What it does?

The Sun’s Son Mod adds in a brand new dimension with an epic boss fight! There are also new mobs, weapons, and armor!

Mod Contents:


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Sun’s Son Saber (has durability, can be repaired with diamonds or emeralds)

There is no crafting recipe for this item. It will be dropped by the boss in The Sun dimension.It will be damage for each use.
It has 4 powers (press R to change between them):

-walk over water:

A glass platform will be created under the player and it will move with him.

-shoot fire

It shoots fire bombs like Ghasts.

-control time

Time will advance by right clicking.

-slay everything

The saber deals a high amount of damage in the entities, and the result is almost always one hit – kill.

Fire Protected Layer:

Use to craft Fire Protected Armor

Carbon dust:

Dropped by Carbon Block

Carbon liquid:

Carbon fiber:

Used to cover tools. It will increase the durability by 50% and add a small increment in the efficiency.

Carbon covered tools:

The recipe is the same to every tool of every type (wood,stone,iron,gold,diamond).Note: to cover the tool, it can not be damaged.


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Sun Portal Frame Base Block

Used to turn on the portal by right clicking.

Sun Portal Frame Block

Used to do the frame of the portal. They can also be found in the Sun Temples.

Sun Fake Chest
When right-clicked it will transform into a Diamond Block, Emerald Block, Gold Block or Iron Block

Carbon BlockMain block in the Sun Dimension. Drops Carbon Dust.

Sun Temple Soldier

It will transform in the entity when you get closer.

Solid Lava

Used to craft lava buckets. It is found on the Sun’
s structures.It can also be used as fuel.


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Fire Protected Armor gives to the player Fire Resistance as long as the player is using a full set of armor.
(armor texture changed in v3.1)

Fire Protected Helmet

Fire Protected Plate

Fire Protected Legs

Fire Protected Boots


Fire provider armor gives to the player the same effects as Fire Protected Armor but also allows to generate a circle of fire around the player. For that, the player has to wait until the circle showed in the HUD is full and then press L.

Fire Provider Helmet

Fire Provider Plate

Fire Provider Legs

Fire Provider Boots

Fire Provider Power (you can also see the HUD that shows the actual charging status of the power in the top left corner)

Earth’s Sun Temple:

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The temple can be found in Plains, Desert and Forest biomes.


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It has to be constructed faced to the sun otherwise it will not turn on.

The Sun to Earth portal will spawn after defeating the boss

The Sun Dimension:


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The Sun Boss:
main attack: flaming arrows;
secondary attack: jumps and deals damage when he lands


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All mobs will be able to spawn as soon as the player turns on a Sun portal but they can be disabled in the config file.They are all immune to fire but they take damage when wet.

Sun Enderman: if he touches you without taking damage, he will search for a lava lake and teleport you to there. If he isn’t with full health the attack is like a normal enderman.

Sun Skeleton: shoots fire arrows

Sun Zombie: when going after the player may multiplicate themselves

Sun Creeper: leaves a trail of fire

Sun Spider: may spawn lava

Sun Temple Soldier

Similar to the block, but will run to you and attack.

Mod Showcases:

How to install:


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Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2


For Minecraft 1.5.2


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