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Super Diamond Tools Mod 1.7.10

Sunday, 25/09/2022 - 18:00
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Super Diamond Tools Mod 1.7.10 adds two new tiers of tools into the game that are incredibly awesome!

Information and Recipes:

Super Diamond tier

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All of these tools have as high of an enchantability as gold tools do. (Which is very high.)

Super Diamond:

You’re going to need this magical gem to craft the super diamond tier.

Iron Stick:

Normal sticks break because the super diamond tools are so heavy, so you need special iron sticks.

Super Diamond Tools:

Super Diamond Pickaxe:

Efficiency: 25 (Diamond is only 10. Mining with this pickaxe is awesome!!)
Durability: 4,000 (Diamond is only 1562)

This pickaxe is great for mining. It lasts very long, and mines very fast!

Super Diamond Sword:

Durability: 4,000 (Diamond is only 1562)
Damage: 12 (Much better then diamond, at only 8)

This sword can kill enemies in two hits. If you get a lucky enchant, (Shaprness) it can be a one-hit kill!

Super Diamond Axe:

Efficiency: 25 (Diamond is only 10!)
Durability: 4,000 (Again, diamond is 1562)
Damage: 11 (Better then a diamond sword!)

Not only being a great weapon, this axe cuts through wood like butter!

Super Diamond Shovel:

Efficiency: 25 (Diamond is only 10, of course. It hasn’t changed since the last tool. This shovel goes very fast.)
Durability: 4,000 (Diamond is still 1562)

This shovel goes incredibly fast. It’s great for strip mining!

Super Diamond Hoe:

Durability: 10,000 (A crazy high number! It’s very high because this hoe doesn’t do anything else; none of the vanilla Minecraft hoes do. I thought it deserves a high durability because of the diamonds you waste on it.)

With a durability of 10,000, this hoe can farm for ages!

Ultra Diamond tier

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All of these tools have as high of an enchantability as gold tools do. (Which is very high.)

Diamond Stick:

You need this stick to hold up the incredibly heavy Ultra Diamond tools.

Ultra Diamond Pickaxe:

Efficiency: 50 (Super Diamond is 25)

Durability: 15,000 (Super diamond is 4,000)
This is by far the best tool for mining, with 15,000 durability and crazy fast mining!

Ultra Diamond Sword:

Damage: 20 (Super Diamond is 12)
Durability: 15,000
With a damage of 20, this sword kills most mobs instantly!

Ultra Diamond Axe:

Damage: 19
Durability: 15,000
Efficiency: 50
With a crazy high durability and mining level, this axe is great for chopping down trees!

Super Diamond Shovel:

Durability: 15,000
Efficiency: 50
You can mine out a huge area of dirt in seconds!!

Super Diamond Hoe:

Durability: 50,000
If you’re a super crazy farmer, you need this hoe! (Though, if you’re not, don’t use it. It’s pretty useless)

Ultra & Super Diamond Armor

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(They also have a high enchantability)

Super Diamond Armor:


Super Diamond Helmet: 1100

Super Diamond Chestplate: 1600

Super Diamond Leggings: 1500

Super Diamond Boots: 1300


2.7X more then normal diamond armor’s protection.

With this armor, not much can kill you!

Ultra Diamond Armor:


Ultra Diamond Helmet: 2475
Ultra Diamond Chestplate: 3600
Ultra Diamond Leggings: 3375
Ultra Diamond Boots: 2925


2.5X more then SUPER Diamond Armor!

With THIS armor, pretty much nothing can kill you!!

Repairing the items

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Super Diamond items are repaired with Super Diamonds:

Ultra Diamond items are repaired with Blocks of Diamond:


How to install Super Diamond Tools Mod 1.7.10

Download Links for Super Diamond Tools Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10, 1.7.2



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