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Supertramp Mod 1.7.10

Friday, 18/11/2022 - 00:00
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Contrary to the name, Supertramp Mod 1.7.10 does not contain any musical tracks of any sort. Instead, Supertramp mod brings trampolines to the game. There are three classes of trampolines you can craft. The first, is the basic, plain old trampoline. It’s fun to bounce on, but it won’t make you go all that high up. The second, is the Great Trampoline. It’ll make you go twice as high as the first. The only other thing you need for this one is a gold ingot. You could have fun on this one all day, however, you can still go even higher. The final class is the Super Trampoline. Be sure to put a small moat of water around this one, because if you land on the ground after falling, you’ll be dead as a doorknob. This trampoline will make you go four times higher than you would on the normal trampoline, and two times higher than the great trampoline. The only extra ingredient you’ll need is a diamond. You can even let your pets bounce on the trampolines, too. It’s fun for the entire family! You could even create an extreme parkour map with only trampolines.


Crafting Recipes:

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How to install:

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