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The Battle Cats Resource Pack

Monday, 26/09/2022 - 15:00
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The Battle Cats Resource Pack

The Battle Cats Resource Pack. “The Battle Cats are Back and They are HUNGRY!”

The Battle Cats Resource Pack Intro

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Note that progress on this texture pack is very flexible meaning I could be away one day and get nothing done but get alot done in another day. Also I might just be playing the battle cats. So don’t get mad at me, just because I like the game too much.. (Im addicted to it…)
Hey Battle Cat Fans! I’ve started to make a Battle Cats texturepack. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas.. please send a comment below or add me on skype: tompohorily . I intend to finish this texturepack so everyone will love it. >:3 (I’m hard at work) The texturepack is also for a server I am in the making of, what used to be called ‘Vanucraft’. The server will now be called, ‘The Battle Cats’. I’m still thinking of a better name instead of just stealing the name..
Basically the whole texture pack is an excessive overdose of cats. Cats there, cats everywhere. If you like cats than this texture pack is definatly for you.                                           -herobrine1234-

How to install The Battle Cats Resource Pack

Download links for The Battle Cats Resource Pack:

https://minecraftlucky.com/dowload/file-8396 (6.3MB)


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