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The Eternal Frost Mod

Saturday, 20/08/2022 - 00:00
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What Eternal Frost Mod does?

The Eternal Frost Mod is a “dimension”, so it adds the ability to teleport to another dimension called the Freezer, to teleport there, nothing more simple, just create “The flint and diamond” and create a portal to the nether normal but with ice obsidian ( Look at recipe ), and use the flint and diamond

In the Freezer, you’ll end up underground in a beautiful world made of stone freezer, ice, snow and water “half cold” that will make the damage. You will find of course frozen glowstone.

Mod Additions:

The Eternal Frost Mod Screenshots:

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Creation of SpinoOne with zeppelin mod:


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Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

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Armors set:

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Ice Oven Chilling recipes :

( View the item/block at the left who become the item/block at the right )

Frozen Furnace smelting recipes :

( View the item/block at the left who become the item/block at the right )


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Freezer Blaze : Blaze of the Eternal Frost

Freezer Cube :Slime of the Eternal Frost

Fury Boar : A boar of the Eternal Frost.
Cold Creeper : A creeper of the Eternal Frost, he explodes

Frostbite Spider : A spider of the Eternal Frost, he has his eye change du to light level

Wooly Mammoth : An awesome Mammoth, he attack you if you attack him, pretty much HP and a big damage attack.

Yeti : A Yeti, drop snowballs and wear it, nothing special for now.


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Structures who generate in the Eternal Frost:

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Eternal Frost Dungeon :

Ice Castle :


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Freezer : A simple biome but beautiful.

Freezer Jungle : A jungle biome, because it is needed

Frozen Plain : A biome for villages to spawn in, and for your construction to take place.

Eternal Moutain : A moutain biome, as in every world a high biome.

Mod Spotlight:

The Eternal Frost Mod How to install:

Download Links for The Eternal Frost Mod:

Other Versions:

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For Minecraft 1.7.10


For Minecraft 1.6.2


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