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The Guardian’s Land Adventure Map

Wednesday, 26/10/2022 - 09:00
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The Guardian’s Land Adventure Map Intro

Greetings everyone. The Guardian’s Land Adventure Map is a brand new map that I have decided to release today. It is still a work in progress, but the idea is…well…a lot of ideas. This adventure map has 3 acts and each act has several quests to complete. There is a fully functional town, fully functional shops using command blocks and so much more. It provides with neat puzzles, frustrating parkour areas, exhilarating combat zones and just plain awesome archery targets. Anyways, enough with the intro, there’s a lot of information to give you.

Background Story

When the map is finished, the file will also contain a text document with a full all out background story about everything, but for now, settle with this.

You are the child of a farmer. If you are in multiplayer, you are his children. Hey siblings! You do not know your mother, but your father was once a knight, one of the best. When he retired, he raised a family as a farmer. Now, you are packing up to go to the Guardian’s Land where your father used to work as a knight. There, your life will change…forever.

Installation Instructions:

Server Installation:



Download links for The Guardian’s Land Adventure Map:

The Guardian’s Land Adventure Map (1.4.2)


Minigame Version


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