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The Living Blocks Mod

Monday, 25/07/2022 - 18:00
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This mod is all about making Minecraft come alive (quite literally) in order to add a bit more fun but still functionality to the game. It adds a number of so called “Living” blocks and a few others that are very unique to this mod. All of the following mobs: drop themselves upon death (so a diamond ore for the living diamond); get progressively faster and harder to kill the rarer they are and all spawn respective to where they would spawn underground (so emerald in extreme hills biomes and diamond below level 16).

Here are the first 7 “Living Ores”; the living: coal (slowest, 10 hearts), iron (slow 15, hearts), gold (slow, 15 hearts), redstone (average speed, 20 hearts), lapis (average speed, 20 hearts), emerald (fast, 25 hearts) and diamond (fast, 25 hearts). Be careful though, none of these guys can swim so are very susceptible to drowning in both water and lava.

Next up we have 3 living blocks based off the plants in Minecraft with one being hostile. These are the living: melon (slow, 10 hearts), pumpkin (slow, 10 hearts) and cactus (slow, 10 heart, deals half a heart). They all spawn where you would normally find them so melons in jungles, pumpkins in most and cacti in desert and mesa biomes. This time however, don’t worry about them drowning as they can swim, but lava will still kill them so watch out for that.

Last but not least for mobs, there are 2 mobs that you are actually able to tame, namely the cracked stone guardian (10 hearts, slow, deals 2 hearts) and the regular stone guardian (average, 15 hearts, deals 2 and a half hearts). They are both found in caves along with the living ores and once tamed will try to defend you and are able to be right clicked so that they sit and stop pestering you on your latest build. However, having said this, they are not the most intelligent of creatures which you may notice when using these guys. They are able to be tamed with their favorite snacks; crushed cobblestone and crushed stone which will be looked at now.

Finally we have a few items that are essential for getting yourself some very trustworthy pets. First up there is the hammer which is required for you to crush up cobblestone and stone to tame yourself a stone guardian. This is crafted like so:

Once that is made you can now crush up some delicious rock to obtain tame a stone guardian. The cracked stone guardian is fond of crushed cobblestone whilst the tougher stone guardian enjoys crushed stone. They are both shapeless and made the same way:

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For Minecraft 1.7.2



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