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The Mystery of Gliston Map

Wednesday, 23/11/2022 - 12:00
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About The Mystery of Gliston Map

The Mystery of Gliston Map. You are getting bored with everyday life, so you want to go to a new place! You’ve decided upon Gliston, a beautiful town with a variety of people. But, when you get there, things are different than the brochures. People are vanishing left and right, and now you want to find them! You’ll find out very interesting things, and have fun along the way.

The Mystery of Gliston Map Screenshots:

Map Trailer:


  1. Stay in Adventure Mode
  2. Don’t destroy blocks under any circumstance, especially command blocks.
  3. Step on every golden pressure plate. The map relies on them to tell the story!
  4. Avoid destroying item frames. You won’t get their drops, you”ll just muck things up.
  5. Characters with pink names are essential to the storyline. Yellow names are lesser characters.
  6. There is a button on the back of the spawn house if you spawn outside of it. This will put you in the right spot.


  • Playable with any amount of players, whether it’s 1 or 8. More than 3 or 4 will get a bit crowded, though.
  • Where are the furnace pieces?

    Erlendur’s Crypt

    Temple of Snow

    End of The Mystery of Gliston Map

    How to install:

    Download links for The Mystery of Gliston Map:

    For Minecraft 1.8

    Download from Server 1

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