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The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack

Thursday, 01/12/2022 - 06:00
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The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack is an adventure/RPG style mod pack that brings many new features ranging from dimensional mods like DivineRPG to interface based mods like DamageIndicator. This is the official mod pack of TheAtlanticCraft and has it’s own personal launcher to either play the mod pack or play your vanilla minecraft. It is coded by Richard Smith the developer of the DamageIndicator mod and the Paint Gun mod

Mod list:


Welcome to The Void’s Wrath mod pack tutorial. The mod pack contains various different RPG mods that give you an adventurous feel to your minecraft experience. Some of the mods in the mod pack will be useless and boring if not done early, so i will be giving a brief overview of how you should get started playing the mod pack and different things you can do.

The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack Description:

When you are first getting started with The Void’s Wrath there are a few mods you will notice right off the bat and that is damage indicator and smart moving mod. Damage indicator mod will tell you how much health each mob has and what effects are on that monster and smart moving will allow you to do many different things from crawling 1 block high to sliding and many more features. Aside from the enhancement mods there are the content mods that contain various things to do throughout your minecraft world. The main focus points of the mod pack are surrounded around two mods divine rpg and millionaire mod. It is recommended to take on millionaire mod before divine rpg seeing as divine rpg is end game.

Early Game:

There are many different routes you can take on what you will do, but our recommendation is to start mining for realmite ore and taking on millenaire mod at the same time. Millenaire mod has many different things you can do from trading with citizens to becoming there king, but if you were to do this after finishing divine rpg it wouldn’t be much fun so thats why we recommend playing around with it before divine rpg. After having a full set of new divine rpg armour you should be ready to start taking on some of the battle towers which have many great rewards and as well as some of the ruins scattered throughout your world with the ruins mod. You should start working on getting some better enchants to head to the nether. The nether will be your source for your next armour and weapon set (netherite). After taking on the nether you should should start shifting gears to find your stronghold and to get the neccescary materials to head to the first dimension (Dravite hills).

The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack Mid Game:

After finding your stronghold this is the point where you will take on the enderdragon and get the ender eyes to create the call of the watcher. At this point you should have the rupee and arlemite supply to create the mysterious clock and the call of the watcher to take on the first two divine rpg bosses. Take on the ancient entity first and then head to the nether and spawn the watcher and this should give you 9-10 divine shards which will give you enough shards to create your first portal to the dravite hills. Head there with no fear of being attacked since there are minimal hostile mobs. Angelic armour will be your savior for these dimensions seeing as it allows you to fly. The neccesary materials are gotten from the watcher boss battle and ice shards. After working your way to the azurite forest and getting full azurite you should be ready to head to the iceika. The iceika is the christmas themed dimension that allows the upgrading of several different weapons by getting snowflakes in the iceika dimensions. Uvite islands is your next stop and will be the most extreme dimension you have face yet this dimension contains many hostile mobs but with rewarding armours.

The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack Late Game:

At this point you should be king of your kingdom and have completed millenaire. After getting yourself some uvite armour and weapons you should make yourself an arcana portal and take on the dungeons. The dungeons contain many rewards that ranging from weapons, pets and new bosses and will test the limits of your sanity. Your next step is to head to the mythril mountains and augite depths here you will have to take on your greatest challenge yet and will start gathering the rescources to spawn the next bosses.
(This is the first release of the modpack many mods will be added that will change this guide, but mainly it is focused around divine rpg)

The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack Installation:

Download Links for The Void’s Wrath RPG Mod Pack:

Windows Launcher Installer


Cross-Platform Launcher


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