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Thirst Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Thursday, 15/12/2022 - 18:00
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Thirst Mod 1.7.10 aims to increase the difficulty of Minecraft by adding a Thirst Bar along with other goodies. Once installed, a bar similar to the Food Meter will appear in the HUD. The bar will begin to deplete during physical activity which is based upon a multitude of factors including movement speed, jumping, breaking blocks or not, attacking, losing health and even proximity to specific blocks. Once the bar begins to drop you can replenish the bar by consuming drinks to rehydrate yourself. With low hydration, several problems will arise beginning with the disablement of sprinting, and then slow health loss coupled with nausea effects.


Rain Collector: This blocks enables you to collect rain water. It functions with many different containers available in the game such as Bottles, Buckets and Cups. The water received from this block is clean and thus can be drunk without any chance of poisoning and can also be stored for later use when it is not raining. To use it, simply place a container(mentioned above) in the bottom slot and watch the water slowing enter the container. Make sure the block is placed within a clear view of the sky or the internal bucket will not fill. Canteens can also be refilled with this method.

Drinks Brewer: The Drinks Store is the core for all of your drinks. It allows you to create consumables which you can drink by placing a glass bottle, an item to 'brew' and any fuel source in the game (even mods) in their appropriate slots as indicated. To use this block, you must first install content packs and if the game detects no packs, this block will be useless. The brewing item can be anything and is usually indicated the drink you are trying to create. For eg: Apple Juice will definitely be made using Apples.

Drinks Store: The Drinks Store allows you to purchase drinks that would be otherwise be difficult to obtain. To use place in some coins, select your drink, select the amount and click buy. The coins will be taken from you and used in an alternate dimension called.

Drinks: Without these you’d be dehydrating every second and dying. These drinks can be drunk when held and holding right click. The drinks replenish your bar differently in the level and saturation. More drinks can be created through the use of “txt” files and placing them in “/mods/ThirstMod/Content/.” Drinks contained in the core version include: Milk, Chocolate Milk, Fresh Water and also Boiled Water. Even though the mod edits no base classes, drinking from Soup, Potions, Water Bottles(poisonous) and Milk Buckets will also replenish your thirst.

Expansion Packs: Drinks can be created in the Drinks Brewer from other mods by simply creating “txt” files and placing them in “/mods/ThirstMod/Content/.” Have a look at the Drinks Creating Tutorial later on to find out more! You can also add drinks from other mods in a similar fashion. A system is also available to enable drinks from other mods to heal the bar.

Thirst Mod Recipes:

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Empty Cup(Wood):

Glass of Cup:

Just right click on water with Empty Cup.

Cup of Clean Water: Also works with Charcoal Filter

Cup of Clean Water:



Chocolate Milk:


Dirty Filter to Clean Filter:

Leg Cloth: (Any wool color works!)

Charcoal Filter:

Fresh Water: (Also works with Charcoal Filter)

Fresh Water Bucket:

How to install Thirst Mod 1.7.10:

Drink Packs – Add new Drinks!

Mo’ Drinks: Adds a lot more drinks using items found in vanilla minecraft – Download

HungerDrinks: Adds Sweet Water (Sugar), Beef Stew, Bottled RedMushroom Stew, Bottled Mushroom Stew, Chicken Broth and Protein Mix (Egg) – Download

Nether Survival: Adds 2 drinks using items found in the Nether. – Download

Drinks Pack By taurn1998 (Adds many drinks from Minecraft items): Download

Download Links for Thirst Mod 1.7.10:

Other Versions:

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For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.7.2



For Minecraft 1.7.10



For Minecraft 1.8.0



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