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ThrowCraft Mod

Tuesday, 28/06/2022 - 15:00
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ThrowCraft adds 2 ‘categories’ of throwable eggs to the game. One is eggs, which spawn a mob where they land similar to a regular egg that a chicken drops, but there is a 100% spawn rate. The other type is the bombs. There are far fewer bombs, and I am working on adding more (please leave suggestions). The bombs have a massive effect on the terrain.

Many people ask what the difference is between the eggs and the ones in vanilla. ThrowCraft was actually originally made before the vanilla eggs came out, and ThrowCraft eggs are craftable in survival mode, and you get to throw them through the air, not against a block!



ThrowCraft used to be quite overpowered whereas 2 slime balls could spawn you a giant slime, and 2 lava buckets would spawn you a massive fiery ball of destruction. Now its a little bit harder. When you craft a slime egg, water bomb or lava bomb, when you hover over it in your inventory it will say ‘small’ underneath the item name. You must combine 2 small eggs/bombs to get a medium, and 2 mediums to get a large.

Note: this only applies to slime eggs, water bombs and lava bombs.

Blaze egg, Chicken egg and Cave Spider egg:

Creeper egg, Ender Dragon egg, Cow egg:

Enderman egg, Ghast egg, Iron Golem egg:

Magma Cube egg, Mooshroom egg, Pig egg:

Sheep egg, Skeleton egg, Slime egg:

Snow Golem egg, Spider egg, Squid egg:

Farmer Villager egg, Blacksmith Villager egg, Butcher Villager egg:

Generic Villager egg, Librarian Villager egg, Priest Villager egg:

Witch egg, Wither egg, Wither Skeleton egg:

Wolf egg, Zombie egg, Zombie Pigman egg:

Fire Bomb, To make larger slime sizes, combine 2 of the smaller size:

TNT bomb, Water bomb, Lava bomb:

Lightning Bomb, To make larger water&lava bomb sizes, combine 2 of the smaller size:


Note: If there is no mods folder for you in the .minecraft folder, start minecraft so that forge generates the folder, or create it yourself

Note to server owners: You enable and disable crafting recipes of different eggs and bombs for your server, so if you are worried about extreme griefing, jut turn it off in config/ThrowCraft.cfg.




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