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Torch Levers Mod 1.7.10

Friday, 16/09/2022 - 21:00
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Torch Levers Mod 1.7.10 adds several security themed blocks to the game. Whether you want to keep a room hidden by illusions and secret levers, or place deadly traps in your fortress — the Torch Levers Mod has something for you.

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The Torch Lever and Redstone Torch Lever
…act both as their respective torches, and as a lever. There is a small hard to spot base on the Torch Lever that will reveal them to the keen observer. Additionally the Redstone variant will light and unlight the same as a Redstone Torch, but when it is thrown the torch will lock into it’s current state. You could extract the strong signal put out from the top of a Redstone Torch when on to determine it’s state, and have a second signal come out of the back, to determine if it’s been thrown.

The Torch Button and Redstone Torch Button
…are very similar to the Torch Levers, but they act as Buttons not Levers. The Redstone version will lock is state when pressed, to keep the signal it puts out from changing it’s state. Because the button it on for such a short time this detail can probably be overlooked.

The Book Button, Brick Button, and Netherbrick Button
…are camouflaged buttons that must be placed on their respective block types. There is nothing particularly special about them, but they do look nice. They require special positioning information for custom texture packs, but the list of supported packs is growing all the time, and will be automatically updated.

The Hinged Painting
…is a block that looks just like a painting, but it sits flush with the wall and when right clicked it will open revealing what’s behind it. Unlike a lot of default Minecraft blocks the Hinged Painting are not toggled by a Redstone signal.

Collapsing Slabs
…come in every currently available Minecraft slab variant. They look like a normal slab, but when ever and living entity walks on them, or and item falls on them, they enter their unstable state, and fall as normal slabs shortly after. The effect is created by balancing each slab on a feather, when the block becomes unstable the feather will fall out from under the block. Falling Collapsing Slabs will cause adjacent Collapsing Slabs to be come unstable causing a cascade of feathers and falling blocks. Note that unlike normal slabs Collapsing Slabs can only be placed in the bottom half of a block.

Carpet Trapdoors
…come in every wool color and sit flush with carpet blocks. When they are right clicked or receive a Redstone signal they will open, just like a trap door. You could place on in the corner of your newly carpeted throne room as a secret hatch that goes to your treasure room.

Spike Traps
…come in several variants. Normal Spike Traps will deal one and a half hearts of damage to an unarmored person. They are deployed by a Redstone signal, and are harmless in their retracted state. You can poison spikes to deal additional ill effects by using various items. Poison Spikes cause poison, Slowing Spikes cause slowness, Blinding Spikes cause blindness, Flaming Spikes light things on fire, and Withering Spikes cause wither, and can easily be deadly from just one poke. In addition to poisoned Spike Traps you can also make Automatic Spike Traps that will deploy themselves when ever anything walks on them. Automatic Spike Traps can be disabled by providing a Redstone signal.

The Redstone Button
…is a unique redstone mechanism that acts similar to a monostable circuit. Whenever a Redstone signal is applied to the block the button is on it will send out a one tick pulse. This could be used to isolate many long pulse inputs that share a common Redstone wire, or to detect the rising edge of, for example a Lever. Try placing one on the back of a block with a Torch Lever on the front. Every time you pull the Lever down the button will send out a very short pulse. Note that the redstone button only recieves a signal from the block it is on, unlike a normal button it will not provide power to that block when it is pushed.

The Redstone Lever
…serves as a simple T Flip-Flop. When ever a Redstone signal reaches the block a Redstone Lever is on it will toggle. You could put on on the back of a block with a Torch Button on the front to make a super simple and very concealed input for a secret door of some sort. Note that the Redstone Torch does not provide a Redstone signal to block it is on while in it’s on state.

Illusion Blocks
…use Ender Magic to trick people into seeing perfectly normal blocks. You can now turn your “stacks” of Eye of Enders into something useful. By crafting a solid block and an Eye of Ender together the Eye will take on the appearance of the block without consuming the block. This could be used to make secret doorways, “clone” your blocks of diamonds to make your friends think you are rich, or even make deadly pitfalls. Ender Magic can not turn every block into an illusion. Only these blocks can become illusions: Grass, Dirt, Stone, Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Mycelium, Brick, Bookshelves, (Normal, Cracked, Mossy, and Chiseled) Stone Brick, (Normal, Chiseled, and Smooth) Sandstone, (Iron, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, and Emerald) Blocks, Wooden Planks, Wooden Logs, Netherrack, Netherbrick, End Stone, Obsidian, (Normal, Chiseled, and Pillar) Quartz, Clay, Hardened Clay, all colored Clay, and Hay.

Torch Levers Mod Spotlight:

Torch Levers Mod Recipes:

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Torch Lever

Redstone Torch Lever

Book Button

Brick Button

Netherbrick Button

Torch Button

Redstone Torch Button

Redstone Lever

Redstone Button

Hinged Painting

Carpet Trapdoors

Collapsing Slabs

Spike Trap

Poison Spike Trap

Slowing Spike Trap

Blinding Spike Trap

Flaming Spike Trap

Withering Spike Trap

Automatic Spike Trap

Illusion Blocks (the block is not consumed)

How to install Torch Levers Mod 1.7.10

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Other Versions:

For 1.6.4/1.6.2



For 1.7.10, 1.7.2




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